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05 What's available-exhaust, supercharger

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Hi guys,What's available-exhaust, supercharger, turbocharger, predator tuners, etc? I went to Predator's, Magnaflow, Dynatech, Flowmaster, Corsa, etc websites last night for hours and NONE of them have anything for 2005? 05 is 8 days away by my calender and 05 cars start selling in Sept the last time I checked? What gives? Anybody have an inside track on aftermarket upgrades for 2005 products? Please share! Thanks, Fred :confused :confused :mad :mad :cuss :cuss :yesnod :seeya
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05 Supercharger

Magnacharger doesn't have one ready for the 05 yet but is putting a kit
together and should have it ready early next year.

Ed :)
TTT-Iching to spend $$$ on the 05!!!!!!!!

TTT, Anybody with any info??Iching to spend $$$ on the 05!!!!!!!!Thanks, Fred :nodno :lol :cheers :seeya
As mentioned Magnacharger is working on a kit for the 2005 SSR. The one thing that I see holding this up is computer programming. I hope to see tuning available for naturally aspirated and supercharged LS2 vehicles in the next few months. Corsa's SSR system is currently only available for the 2004 model. I'm going to be talking to them about the '05 systems soon. Still waiting for some other parts to become available. I'll post some updates as I receive them.

ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)
E-MAIL - [email protected]

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Thanks Tom

Saw your post on the headers, GREAT news! email for a quote is coming your way. Thanks, Fred :) :cool :flag
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