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I couldn't help but notice that the 06 C6 Vette has changed shades of yellow. Millennium yellow 79U (the Slingshot yellow counterpart) has become Velocity yellow 45U, which is supposedly a slightly lighter tint of yellow. Does anyone know if the 06 SSR version of Slingshot yellow will remain the same tint or actually become "Velocity" yellow?

You may wonder why I would waste time on such a small detail. Well for number one, we "slingshoters" are real particular about our shade of yellow. Number two, if I don't post something, I'll never have chance of catching Wildcat 66 for number of posts! ;) Only 1,657 posts to go!!


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I see your point, Hubby's 05 Vette is the 06 color Velocity. It is different you can tell when they are side by side. and Yes Slingshot better always stay slingshot

You will have to think up more to say Kevin! :lol I went away for a week and no one even came close! :lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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