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1:10 Scale SSR Radio Control Model

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For Father's Day my daughter didn't know what to get me as I don't like presents, so she and the grandson gave me a 1:10 scale radio control model of the SSR. It is about 17" long and 9" tall. It is painted a similiar color of the new blue for '06 and black on top. It is pretty cool and if you have kids, this is a nice product. It is made by FASTLANE and is sold at Toys R US. I went to the store and they have other two-tone models --black/white. The model has side pipes on it also. I guess the grandson and I will have something to play with. :ssr :jester
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Buy a "real" RC car

Hot Bodies makes an SSR body for the T/E Maxx / Savage monster trucks. :cool

Since I have an Emaxx myself, I might just have to do this! =-)

I'd probably prefer to get a 1/10 scale 190mm touring car body for my conventional RC cars, but I haven't found one yet.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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