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Question for you, Kevin . . .

Whoever heard of Po Little Pig for Thanksgiving Dinner?

! :cool: ! (y) ! :cool: ! (y) ! :cool: !
Umm...... Ham???? Like Carl!

dinner at 1...sliced the ham and I am gone
maybe the kids went to Kevin house with the leftovers,,,,,,,,lololololol
Nobody showed up here with any leftovers. :(

Hey everyone ... I’m back!!! Had the hip resurfaced as apposed to a total hip replacement, lots of pain but it’s a good kind of pain compared to what I had before, did have an issue with the snow and a crutch when we got home .... not a good thing!!!! 😡 And yes we have had a boat load of snow the 36-48 hours .... about 10 inches and dang cold now -6’f this morning. Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA families!!!! So now the road to recovery!!!!
Hope that road isn't bumpy!
145661 - 145680 of 146925 Posts