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My dealer just called me back on the ultra violet 04 I have been looking at forever, it stickers at 46,385 and they are willing to go 34, has most options:

chrome wheels (i am not a pimp)
running boards (nor do i have an alternative lifestyle)
carpeted cargo area
cargo net
tow package
auxillary gauges

and comes with the 1sb package...power, stereo, etc.

do I or don't I...that is the question, hubby is questioning my good sense (this is not his choice for a vehicle, but what can I tell ya, he's of a different generation).

With my trade of 4170 and tax, license, etc. it will be out the door at 33+cents...don't see them any cheaper in CA

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artsmart, I have read all your posts and think this would be a good safe purchase $12, 500 off heck I can only get 4K off an 05, but I want the 6spd with the extra 90 horses. And if your using this for work I think you will love it. how unique in your type of business.
good luck and let us know what cha do :)

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Dollar cost averaging?

I was just thinking, if I bought several, I could use dollar cost averaging, to make myself feel better about what I paid for the first. :yesnod

Nope, not even remotly gonna happen. :nodno
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