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Cleaning out some old things and came across these toys. Wanted to list them here before throwing them on eBay. 11 are 1/64 and one 1/25.

The 1/25 box has a cracked front plastic but the truck is in great shape.
2 matchbox mbx metal k9480 goldish color in good shape
2 matchbox mbx metal L5037 red orange color in good shape
1 matchbox superfast limited edition in silver
2 one bad ride silver and black “blown” 1br64-0628 good shape
1 Johnny lightning hot rod magazine red 2004 ssr good shape
1 tonka green with flames #14 of 55 good shape
1 tonka orange #23 of 50 good shape
1 matchbox #70 blue ssr. Card has a tear where it would hang on store hook.

100$ pm for more info


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