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13,000 miles, 6 months evaluation

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Turning 13,000 miles in 6 months on my 05.

My personal evaluation - outstanding!

A lot of that driving has been several trips to Las Vegas, Mesquite, or Laughlin, Nevada (all hot temps as you know).

Though the temp gauge does head toward the 225 area while driving in downtown traffic in any of these towns stop and go traffic, it does not get there, always returning to the 210 area.

That temp guage will get you puckering at times, but I've got confidence in those GM engineers. Unless at some point the 'idiot light' on the dash for overheating ever goes on or the indicator gets too close to that red mark at the 260 area, I'll let it cool itself down as it always does.

As someone said in an earlier post, the SSR has the tow bar rated at 2500 lbs and it would be hard to believe that the engineers didn't test the vehicle for heated conditions on mountain grades towing that weight.

Regarding the A/C - as I said in an earlier post, as long as BOTH buttons are pushed in below the temp and fan controls and the LED's are lit, the A/C works fine and will blow your socks off if you have the fan all the way up.

When I took delivery of the SSR, I took a lot of time reading the owner's manual because I didn't pay this kind of money for my first house and didn't want to screw anything up. I still refer to the manual now at times - It's just a reminder that -
If all else fails . . . Follow Directions.

As a motorcycle rider who averaged 27,000 miles a year for the last 6 years on my bikes, I can say that this is as close as it gets. The top down, the sound of those pipes, and the acceleration - good job GM.

Bob G.
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dougnc said:
If someone saw me reading the manual I'd probably lose my nerd license!
This, from one of the profession that celebrates the acronym RTFM! I just don't believe it. :lol
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