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15th Peach City Beach Cruise, Penticton 2023

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Where is the 15th year Peach City Beach Cruise Information
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Where is the 15th year Peach City Beach Cruise Information
Here you go Sue, and others.
Thank you, Dwight. I've been pre occupied with the loss of Dave and haven't been on the web site except to register for this years Penticton! I sure thank you Dwight for following me to and from Penticton last year. I could not have gone by myself !
This year will be my last, and I'm taking a special friend from Arizona, that I've known for about 25 years! His wife put him up for an Auction I worked on … as a HANDY MAN ! I bought him and we've been friends forever! He was born in Quebec, became an American citizen (just like Dave), and always came to my place to visit Dave when he was in town.
Mark Hyer is going to follow us and we all look forward to attending!
I am probably going to sell my incredible SSR as I find it hard to find covered parking which is safe here. This SSR Ownership has been such fun for 19 years ! Took it out yesterday and, BOY DID HEADS TURN…. OF COURSE i was in PINK AND WEARING MY PERMAGRIN !
HOPE i see you again, Dwight! I-never have seen your Outdoor Railroad ! I only have one G SCALE LOCOMOTIVE LEFT!
Take care, Dwight!
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My railroad has suffered since I got the SSR and had a pipe leak in the back yard. I still hope to get it running again but not sure when. SSR or not, keep in touch. Have fun in Penticton and say Hello to those I know . or should know.
Just so you know, it has always been a pleasure to have gotten to share our SSR Group, Owners, Fanatics and Fan across our planet and NORTHWEST SSR Events with you! I often think of how you and I met…. Long ago ! In the listing for our beginning SSR register where our “interests, and hobbies” was listed in the Original Sign-Ins with, I saw your inclusion of having an “LGB GARDEN RAILWAY” !
It mattered NOT that you were from another planet (California), but sooooo wonderfully amazing, that you had an LGB OUTDOOR RAILWAY, AND SO DID I…… So, your first trip to my home town, Bellevue … sortof near Seattle (great place for generations…until now 🙃🙃🙃), when you came North to visit your Navy Friend, Ernie from Edmonds, WA……. it was important for me to meet you, as another SSR FANATIC!
In the beginning of our SSR's BIRTH 2005, I was very busy gathering all of the FANATICS from Washington, Oregon and Beautiful BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA for the very beginning of our SSR NORTHWEST CAR CLUB! The year was 2005.
In 2006, I met you and Ernie in Edmonds, WA…… “in my GORGEOUS H2HUMMER……COMPLETE WITH THE PINK FLAMES AND CHROME GOODIES!” Your friend Ernie drove us all around Edmonds in my H2HUMMER to share all the places you had shared while home from Navy Duties.
I think that this memory is GREAT, because our Mutual Addiction to our LOVE of Trains, and our SSR's, introduced us…. T'WAS REALLY A TREASURED ENCOUNTER! 🤗🤗🤗💗💗💗
We all, from the Northwest, appreciated the Fanatics from everywhere joining in at the Peach City Car Cruise over the years, so I soooo appreciated your special offer and great trip to the Peach City Car Show in Penticton, 2022 to drive ShotGun for me! It was an honor to have you there with our NW SSR's, and I SEND YOU MY DEEPEST THANK YOU'S 💗💗💗🤗🤗FOR BEING THERE TO RIDE”SHOT GUN” for me, along the way!
Amazing how incredible our newest friends are….. for the LOVE OF A GREAT HOT, AWESOME TRUCK !
Thanks soooooo much Dwight…. i'm alway here if you need anything!
Sue Campbell
SSR,#18…… still own 💗💗💗💗
Love My Great SSR Friends and my INCREDIBLE VEHICLES!
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Thank You so much for the memories. Sorry I won't make it to Penticton this year but I have to keep trying different routes around the countries. My signature tells it all. :blue: 😍
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