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The weather this weekend in Northeast PA was in the 50 + range , the roads were dry and I could not wait any longer.

After spending 3 long months in storage in my neighbors garage, I connected the electrodes to the yellow beast and the SSR came back to life. With a few checks to make sure that the winter nap didn't cause any problems it was time to blow out the cobwebs.

Went to the local Lowes, and the mall with my wife to pick up a few items. People were following me till I parked it. It was hard to get my shopping done. Crowds were waiting when I came back from the store.
Most comments were that it was just like the one in the Commercials. (Chevy knew the best color to use) They love the commercial. What suprised me was that most of the people checking out my vehicle were female, of all ages.

I had people hanging out of the car windows at stop lights with their thumbs up. Spring fever...oh yeah.

Big Yellow is now in my garage getting the Spring detail treatment and a few upgrades. I hope the weather holds for this week. I feel a need to cruise...again
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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