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1st Half 2005 MVP (Most Valuable Poster) Award

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2005 MVP (Most Valuable Poster) Award (Please Read & Comment)


I really have not had an opportunity to thank the many, many nice people that have shared personal experience, technical knowledge, and incredible insight with me since I have joined this forum. I have actually made two car purchases, have added several enhancements to them and am awaiting delivery of several others.

This being said I was wondering if we could/should have a poster appreciation award, monthly, quarterly, semi annually, or annually? I am certain that the forum leadership would support such an endeavour should this thread and its comments warrent it. I personally believe that the information posted here by each and every person is valuable but there are folks that go above and beyond a comment or suggestion and seriously add value to this site. Do any of you feel that we takers should recognize and show our appreciation to the givers?

If there were sponsorship for this idea, I for one would nominate Jim G. for this quarters award due to the in depth research and honest (plus technically correct) posts related to the many modifications he has made to his personal SSR. Not to mention that along with reviewing the parts and related performance results, he has also reviewed the shops and their ownership. Over the past few months I have learned more about late model mechanics from reading his posts than I would should I decide to go back to school and change career paths. He has also made all of us keenly aware that the quality of the shop and its ownership are equally important to the quality of the parts being installed (a point that I for one would have missed). Although we are not talking about rocket science here we are dealing with a much different beast than the old days of carburetors and timing. These days the mechanic has to be technically and computer literate and Jim teaches us that in his posts.

Comments Anyone?


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:agree Jim G's got my vote!


Now we need a prize............... Hmmmmmmmmmmm

How about a FREE year's membership to the forum?

If Troy says, "No!", I'm sure Marc will pay for it! :lol :lol
bgetz said:
Can you award him a free years membership Buffy???
(I hope so) He has my vote! :) :flag :)
Consider it done! (Even if I have to pay the 25 bucks!)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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