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I am considering replacing the top struts and took my first look into the top storage area last night. I guess on the good side I did not see any fluid standing back there , only a few Maple tree seeds.

I did look for the fill bottle for the top and I thought it was inside the black box.But I guess I will need to look a little lower.

What is in the black box with the two clips and several bolts along the back top side in the top storage area.

Also I did see the location of the roof struts and have read they are not to bad to change.

I read that Mike has the best replacement struts and they are preloaded in a jig for easier install.


thanks to all


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The black box contains, among other things, the flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder.
The boys are having fun, but the black box is stereo stuff mostly.
The fluid tank is under the black box on the left side.
The struts that mike has with the mounting tool are the pneumatic helpers that add lift and slow the descent when the top is opened and closed. There aare also hydraulic cylinders that do most of the work. 8 hydraulic and 2 pneumatic in total.
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