I’ve refurbished my 20” wheels and they are now ready to sell. I was fortunate to purchase a factory set of satin so I no longer need these. They are Cruiser Alloy and were chrome but due to FL salt they were pitted and required refurbishing. I had them professionally acid stripped and then I put over 40 hours of work into bringing them back to life. They are painted with High Performance Wheel Matt Black paint and have 3 top coats of Matt Clear. They are painted through to the back edge and have no deformities or dents. The center caps are held on by a cap head bolt and I left the pop out center cap chrome. I’ve also got the tires that came with them and they are in very good condition as well. They are 275/45R20 & 245/45ZR20. There is at least 30k miles left on them, if not more, depending on how you drive. I’m also tossing in a sheet of white “SSR” vinyl for those who would like to add a little flare to these wheels.

I am willing to transport them within 100 miles of my location since UPS is expensive. I could go a bit further but I’d have to recoup the gas expenses. But if you are willing to foot the cost they can be shipped. I can send additional photos of the tires and better close-ups for anyone who PM’s me.