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We have reduced the price to $29,500.

We have a 2003 1SB Slingshot Yellow SSR for sale by owner for $29,500. It has 611 miles and it is in 'as new' condition. It has never been in the rain and always garaged. It is fully loaded with Cargo Compartment Trim with wood, integrated running boards, integrated side saddle storage, towing pkg. hitch insert/ball, cargo netting pkg consists of cargo net, one crossbar and four tie down rings, customized floor mats and front license plate frame. The 1SB preferred equipment group consists of: engine cover insert, memory package (seats, radio, dic), heated driver and passenger seats, electrochromic mirrors (inside rearview & left O/S rearview), homelink, AM/FM stereo with in dash 6CD Bose premium sound system.

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The VIN number gives you an indication of where your SSR fits in the production sequence. Really low numbers are an indication that yours was an early build, and knowing the VIN # might be of value if a problem can be isolated to a particular sequence.

One example - the first 1250 or so had a potential issue with the hinge mechanism for the tonneau lid, and several have been replaced

Another interesting factoid - the SSR will have sequential serial numbers for its entire build life - no other vehicle, including the Corvette, has that distinction.

In my case, I've always had an attraction to the 55 - 57 Chevies, especially the Nomads, and I have several friends who were members of the now defunct 567 club. So - they think I have a pretty cool serial number. I haven't tracked it down exactly, but based on a 70 unit/day production, mine was probably built on the 8th day of production, possibly later if early production was at less units/day.


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Couple more questions

Flashh... Thanks...

Your great answer above brings up another question. When you do find out the VIN, where can you go to find out if there are any posible defects or considerations? Is there a list or database?

But I'm probably going to buy new. Am I correct in assuming the VIN doesn't enter into the equation, or is there still a significance?

Last question: Will there be an '06 production for the SSR?

Thanks again for your responses.
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