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I just got mine last week and feel I got a good price, especially here in CA where I've seen dealers offering them at higher prices. My used 2004 Ultra Violet has 9K miles, fully loaded with the 6-CD changer, heated seats, etc., custom floor mats, lining and wood grain cargo area, side storage units in the bed, and running boards. The owner was meticulous and the car is absolutely cherry without a single dent, scratch or sign of wear. Those were 9,000 very careful miles. He traded in on a Slingshot 2005 and the dealer wanted the 04s out so he can sell 05s. I ended up getting it for $28,500 and with tax lic, etc, it was $31,000 out the door. A new 2004 Slingshot was going for $39,000 and it wasn't loaded with all that extra stuff.

I love my Barney!
Hey GREAT DEAL THERE!! I have been shopping and you got a great deal, how do you like the Ultra Violet? im going to look at one soon . thanks
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