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Seems very high since you can get a 05 with 390 6.0 HP motor for 43k, and a 04 new for low 30k with the small motor.

redheaded willi said:
Good afternoon,

I've been looking at SSRs for a few years, wanted to get a manual but...not sure I'll like one after driving a 5 speed, manual, 4 cyl 2l dohc mx6 for a number of years. Plus, I'm still trying to figure out my spouse's corvette shifting so maybe I'll just stay with an automatic.

Anyway, stopped at a dealer who was offering a 2003 slingshot yellow SSR, 700 miles, automatic, very tempted. Asking price was 37,999, seemed a little high :).
Looked to be maxed, people traded in for a 2004, had running boards, cargo net, six CD player, etc

Could someone give me an idea of relative value for 2003, 2004 SSRs. I've seen a lot of back and forth on this forum. Very helpful, just wanted to know if I would be out of my mind going back to the nice man and offering 28K, and I have my own financing. Bad news, waited too long, was 3.99, now 4.25, but that is for new, used. Looks like GM is 5.9 for a special deal.

Anyway, wanted to wait to Dec 05 and get a great end of year deal, but would like one now(yesterday). Any idea if GM will increase incentives due to current financial difficulties?

Thanks, maybe a long post, just like SSRs for the last few years, I have a PT cruiser, but now everybody does, so wanted something better.
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