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This is the list of SSR accessories available from GM for the 2003 model. They can all be installed at the dealer. They can all be added to the sale price of the SSR and included in financing.

GM's warranty covers SSR accessories for 36 months or 36,000 miles when installed prior to vehicle delivery, or for 12 months or 12,000 miles when purchased over the counter.

Auxiliary Gauge Package - This is a cluster of three additional aluminum-finished gauges (voltmeter, instantaneous fuel consumption, and transmission oil temperature) design-matched to the gauge cluster on the instrument panel. The package is seamlessly integrated and ergonomically positioned into the space between the console and lower instrument panel.

Integrated Running Boards - Not just for appearance, the running boards also provide additional protection against stone chips and scratches on the front surfaces of the SSR's wide-flared rear fenders. The aluminum-finish running boards incorporate a non-slip surface, attach directly to the vehicle frame, and visually "float" about one-half inch clear of the rocker panels.

Cargo Compartment Customized Strips - Each package includes seven strips and two floor track covers. The strips and track covers are available in body color or wood finish. Aluminum strips and floor track covers come with the optional Uplevel Cargo Compartment Trim. This package includes a soft carpeted bed liner, matching tailgate liner, matching interior cargo cover liner, and two lights.

Cargo Netting Package - A cross bar positioned between the upper rails, combined with cargo netting that attaches to the tailgate and four tie-down rings, hold items that would otherwise slide around in the cargo area. The netting package is completely adjustable to the length of the cargo area, ensuring secure storage for everything from small grocery items to oversized luggage.

Integrated Side-Saddle Storage - These form-fitted, locking, covered storage boxes attach to the floor and side tracks. The ebony-finished storage boxes incorporate a highly durable exterior with a smooth-finished, easy-to-clean interior. The interior compartment for each box is approximately 12-inches deep, 40-inches long, and 8-inches wide, enabling secure storage of everything from tools and trailer hitch inserts to fishing equipment, waxes and polishes.

Customized Floor Mats - Upscale floor mats with decorative piping and an embroidered SSR logo.

Wind Break - A metal-framed net that slips into connectors on the bulkhead behind the seats reduces wind turbulence in the ****pit when the SSR's top is down.

Cargo Cover Storage System and Cargo Rail Trim - This complete system enables owners to easily remove the cargo area cover and place it on a wall. The system includes a soft bag to protect the removable cargo cover when not on the vehicle. The package includes hardware for hanging it on a garage wall and vehicle color-matched trim to hide gutters and weather stripping when the cargo cover is off the vehicle.

Towing Package - An upscale, machined European-style locking hitch slides upward into the receiver hidden behind the SSR's rear fascia. Three ball sizes - 13/4 inches, 17/8 inches and 2 inches ) - can be used with the hitch.

Vehicle Cover - This styled, form-fitting protective cover has been cut and designed specific to SSR dimensions.

Traditional Offerings - As with all GM vehicles, SSR accessory offerings will include traditional over-the-counter items such as wheel locks and vehicle care products.

Personal Items - The appeal of the SSR is reflected in a line of die cast scale models, of which two million copies already have been sold. Other collateral items include shirts, jackets, gloves, travel mugs, posters and a mouse pad. Official SSR merchandise can be purchased at
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