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That looks like the style of badge made by QWKSSR.

The first photo in post 1 shows some of the many different combinations of information available.

He will make whatever combination of information you want. If you scan through the pages in the thread linked above, you might even find yours when the original owner requested it. It might also have been ordered on EBay.

The shape is similar to the badge on the Signature Series (25 made) or FPR trucks, (826 made) but the original GM badge has the information engraved into a satin silver background.

There was no such thing as a Limited Edition in 2004, and the only engine available was the 5.3 at 300 HP. This badge looks to be at the back of the armrest. The usual mounting location was halfway up the waterfall.

It is possible the original owner did some engine modifications to bump the horsepower, but claiming a specific number is really difficult, because the only way to get an accurate measurement of crank horsepower, which is what the 300 HP is, would be to yank the engine and put it on an engine dyno. Anything other than that is an estimate only.

Having badges with inaccurate information is fine if it makes the owner happy, but it can become a problem when the information is misrepresented in a sale. It's happened a few times with FPR badges on trucks that were not FPR.
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