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Back to the top, little thread...

freezer said:
There were some 2004 units built at the end of 2003. Hood struts will happen and will be available for retrofit. The timing has not been finalized.
It's time to bring this thread back to life.

I have read the owner's manual from cover to cover and found a couple of things of concern. One of them I will address here.

The manual says there are struts to raise and hold the hood. Yet we still have that cheesy prop rod on our trucks.

Any updates from those in the know on when the struts will be available? Any chance Chevrolet will do it for free? Back in '92 we bought the first Saturn wagon in the Washington, DC area and it (or any of the first few wagons) did not have a remote rear hatch release. Saturn sent the parts to our dealer and we took it in about two months later for a no charge upgrade. They added the remote hatch release and did not charge us anything. They even gave us a loaner car for the day while they installed it.

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