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Happen to see a Slingshot Yellow R for sale at Julians Auto Showcase so I dropped by to take a look, same place I think SILVER BULLET got his from.
Information Below:
2004 Slingshot Yellow Price: $25,995 NEW PRICE $19,699
Registration # 1GCES14P54B109982
68,390 miles

I checked the truck out body nice and straight only saw one small ding (cover it with your pinky finger) on drivers fender. Interior clean missing cover plates on dash drink holder and coin tray. Started right up engine sounded smooth no knocking. Roof operated smoothly and wasn't dropping into storage well when it was going down. A/C nice and cold no broken vents. Chrome rims.
Didn't see any of the basic upgrades done on it. Had carpeted bed liner but some of wood strips missing. All in all a nice looking truck for that many miles.

Pictures on their web page.

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"All in all a nice looking truck for that many miles" ??? 13 year old SSR = 5,260 a year, looks like a fairly low mileage Slingshot Yellow to me. Bed strips are available and I'll tell you what I would do for those cover plates ... I'd cut me some nice wooden ones, paint them black, glue them in there then stick an SSR miniature emblem on each one. When it comes down to it, they are not very handy and we rarely use ours, afraid they'll break or stick. Just my 2 cents worth. As Realtor's say "a good starter home" this looks like a good starter SSR, especially with the Chrome Rims and :yellow: is certainly one color that turns your old head as it goes roaring down the highway !!! tennesseecozydog :ssr
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