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Im opening this up for discuussion I have had several customers trade 2003 ssr's and been upset over the value of their vehicle. the way i look at it is if your trading for around 4k. ...or less sometimes more doesnt matter how much you've lost it still only cost u 4K to drive it for the year adn you bought a new one at the current market price .. ..if mines 30k yours is 26k if mine is 100k yours is 96k to me it works out the same. The other thing is what are us dealers supposed to do with these 2003 with miles I've tried to be fair what do you guys think one with boards 11,000 miles is worth Im the worst one i'm selling these new ones so cheap ....i'm kinda lost on what to do with the ones i've traded for . ....let me know your comments??

what is a reasonable trade difference for a year?
what do i do with 10-12k mileage trade ins .......

william . . .
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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