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NOPE!!2004 SSR Redline Red For Sale $22K

NO IT AIN'T for sale, see other post

For sale is my 2004 Chevrolet SSR in stunning Redline Red, $22,000. I am the second owner, purchasing it from its original owner in March of 2016 in North Florida. At that time it had a mere 26,000 miles, never having been driven in the rain. Since that time I have put 4,727 miles on it so it now has 30, 727 on the odometer. This SSR is in outstanding condition and, needless to say, everything works perfectly as it should, a clean carfax is available. Many upgrades have been made since I purchased it, satin wheels replaced with chrome. Performance has been enhanced with a Superchips 2845 Flashpaq F5 Tuner which is included, currently tuned for premium gas but you can tune it do regular gas if so desired.

A 7” JVC stereo unit has been installed to include a backup camera, DVD capability, USB and many other features An upgraded cooling fan from Simple Engineering (a prime SSR aftermarket parts company) has been installed as well as their hood emblem support, rear cover lift supports, hood strut kit (that eliminates the prop) and their anti-lock brake shield. When purchased this SSR did not have its roof tool but I got from SE as well. Also installed is their blinking third brake light it. I have their transmission shifter repair kit but never installed it as well as a spare GM ignition switch.

Leather seats are in good condition but I wanted the two tone look but did not want to take seats out to have new leather installed. So I have in place a set of custom seat covers, they are pain to install so I am not pulling them off for pictures. The one picture I have of the seats before covers installed is indicative of their condition. Transmission shifter handle changed to a T handle as the stock ball looks, well, the T looks better, stock handle is included. Engine cover is from DG motor sports and the air box is an ‘05/6 in place of the stock one as they provide a better seal to the hood and it has been opened on the front as it looks cool imo. Chrome Chevrolet name plate now on front, it came with a satin one but the chrome looks better. Chrome Chevy bow ties , front and back, have also been put in place of the yellow ones that are standard. All external lights have been changed to LED except the fog and headlights. Installed is a clear plexiglass windjammer, forgot which vendor that is from. The currently installed ash tray has been modified into a small storage compartment because really who smokes anymore? But the original intact ashtray is included in this sale if you need to put it back to stock. The stock radio is also included. As well as a black OEM SSR embroidered cotton car cover. Full picture album with 79 pictures click here:


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Looks nice!!! Shouldn't be a problem to sell if someone is serious about buying a SSR with the many many options you have installed since purchased. I wish you the best....Ron:seeya
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