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Friends of ours are thinking of "downsizing" some and called about perhaps putting their Ultra Violet up for sale.

34,000 pampered miles, Alloy Rims, Carpeted Cargo area, Runnin' Boards, Both Front and Rear Spare Wheels, Transmission Cable Fix. and etc.

This little "Purple" truck is owned by an "Elderly" couple (Aren't we all a little elderly) !!! Anybody out there interested ... $25,000

Please PM me, and I'll put you in touch. Thanks a 1,000,000, 2004 :purple: 34,000 miles, $25,000.00 !!!

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SOLD !!! That's S - O- L - D "She's an 8, she's a 9, she's a 10 I know, SOLD, to the gentleman in the 2nd Row !!! She was truly a kind and special SSR, blessed are we to have owned her ... purple flash Jim & Susie :purple:

HOWEVER, they still have some "GOODIES" left that, believe it or not, the new owner did NOT want ... here's a "sample list ~~~

a) Trailer Hitch
b) Front Spare Tire - Alloy Rim
c) Rear Spare Tire - Alloy Rim
d) Wind Screen
e) Air Damn
f) Top Tool (Had 2 of them)
and a few other items "as seen on TV" :laugh:

ps They are Emailing me with a list and prices !!!

Here it is ...

17" Chrome Rim, 19' inch Alloy Spare, 20" Alloy Spare $400
Roof Tool $25.00
SSR Car Cover $100
Bra's - Front and both mirrors $25.00
2 Side Pockets that go over Emergency Brake $15.00
Air Damn $25.00

Trailer Hitch $250.00

Metal Wall Sign $50.00
Extra original fan & Brake Pedal $75.00

3 Original Sill Plates (2 for doors & 1 for Cargo area) $25.00
Cargo area Cross Bar $100.00
SSR Tire Cover $30.00

TOTAL $1,120.00 "On SALE" today for $800.00 !!! Come and get it SSRfanatics !!! Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Prefer Selling in a package deal.

Serious buyer's PM me for phone number. Thanks a 1,000,000 Bob Alexander - tennesseecozydog :ssr

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Since I'm new I cant send a PM.

I am interested in your spare parts. Please email me at [email protected] with you you have remaining and we can arrange to take some of them off your hands.

Thanks, Andy
Andy, just talked to Jim (the owner), and with his health situation he wants to sell it all for $800.00 !!! ... minus the DashCover, Electric Light Wall Light and the Wind Suppressor which he sold to a dear friend who twisted his arm. They just want to get rid of everything and be done with it. They are not physically able to deal with constant phone calls.

Are you interested in the whole package ??? I'm also sending you an Email Bob Alexander :ssr
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