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Does out of state buyer have to pay Florida sales tax?

The experts say if one cylinder leaks all should be rebuilt at the same time?

I am assuming that the only option it might have is the $1,800 preferred package....[if that]?

Low miles could be a + or --? in have all of the fluids been changed? Is the fan stuck, etc.

Getting it out of Florida I assume would be costly as I doubt a temp tag is available and that would probably
bring in Florida sales tax?

It should go right to Dick or Ed for any fixes needed before it goes out of state. [IF THEY WOULD CONSIDER DOING IT?].

I assume for her to sell she needs a clear title in her name? So many if's at this time and no asking price.

I probably only own an SSr because it came up private and local. It sat for a long time and had to be run
through a dealer so it could be ready for sale.

I have to wonder if this is the purple ssr for me?


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I can review the 30 day transit tag here in Florida and update you. I guess first things first would be toget the VIN# and look over a CARFAX. The cylinder that leaks could be replaced but I would either replace those two that control the tonneau lid. I would negotiate the purchase price to include the replacement of all cylinders. The lady that owns it actually bought it for her husband and she is savvy about the car, values and as honest as the day is long. My involvement was to suss out the issue. As for replacing all the cylinders, I wouldn’t mind helping on that for the education. Let me try and dig a little more and I’ll reply via PM.

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