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Hi All,
Driving by Fast Lanes Classic Cars in St. Charles, MO, I spotted this Yellow SSR on the lot. Pulled in and spoke with the salesman who didn't know much about it because they had just received it. Had no price on it but he quoted me $29,900 ("negotiable"). He said it is a 2005, but it is actually a 2004. This truck is beautiful and was very well-kept. The tires look like the originals and the wheels are intact with the correct hubcaps. The interior is spotless and the seats look like new ... no cracks in the leather. The odometer reads 9932 miles. The body is beautiful and blemish-free. The trunk has two mounted saddle-bags and the cross-brace, and is carpeted with the wood-look floor slats. The floor mats even look new. The engine fired up right away and sounded great, the convertible top is in working order and I saw no hydraulic fluid leak in the top compartment. Even the headlights looked new ... crystal clear and no UV yellowing. I included the info for the dealership in the pictures in case anyone is interested.

images attached (post 1 of 2)

Cheers, Carl


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