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What did you want to order??

It might surprise you to know that the dealer might be telling the truth!!! First of all the dealers can't just order a SSR anytime he wants. He has to wait for his allocation to come up. It then depends on what the customer is wanting to order at that time. If the customer wanted something that is on constraint the dealer won't be able to order it. The dealer has to take what the GM Production System allows him to order. Maybe better said another way, he can only order what is available in the GM Production System to build at the time his allocation is up for ordering. i.e. if chrome wheels aren't available at the time of allocation then the dealer can't order them! (I know this for a fact) because that happened to my order and it had to go in the GM Ordering System without the Chrome Wheel option or my dealer would have "lost" his allocation/ slot for my SSR order.

I haven't tried to spec out an 05 for an order but I bet there are some other constraints i.e. for sure the 6 speed manual tranny, or maybe the new Aqua Blurr paint, or maybe the wind break, or any other option that could be on hold/constraint. It could be a quality concern or perhaps the supplier can't get up to speed and meet demand.


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