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2005 SSR, Aqua Blur, Manual 6-Speed Transmission, 53,350 Miles

Engine has developed a “slight knock” That is probably in the lower end. I was going to rebuild it and keep it, but I’ve found out that my wife and I are having a second child. It’s just not practical for me anymore.

Chrome Wheels, Color Matched Running Boards, Gauge Package, Saddlebags, Tow Hitch, and Cross Bar.
Continental CrossContact UHP tires a few months ago.
Driver door has a ding that you could cover with a nickel, Rest of the body is straight, Headliner is just starting to peel at the edges. The rest if the "wear and tear" is pretty typical.

I was hoping to sell it for $20,000 before it developed engine issues. I'd like to Get somewhere around $15,000 for it, but I know that's probably overly optimistic.
Let me know what you think it's worth.

Vehicle is in Yorba Linda, CA


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