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2005 Auxiliary gage package


2005 SSR gage package in the owners manual states: a. voltmeter, b. delivered torque gage, c. outside temp. gage, picked up my 05 SSR, the gages in the SSR are a volt gage, a GPH gage, and I think a transmission temp gage, whats a GPH gage , dealer seems confused, I'm thinking gallons per hour?? anyone have any info on this? In-addition, both GPH and Trans temp are inoperable anyways...............

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Wil the 05 guage package work on the 03? I was planning to order a set for my 03 but I was hoping for the one that had the outside temperature. :confused

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Gage Package

I spoke to a couple SSR Team engineers at the GM compound at the Woodward Dream Cruise about retrofitting the '05 package to an '03 and the bottom line is it would be cheaper to sell the '03 and buy an '05 then try to engineer it.

I'm like you guys.... this is our first ride since the late '70's that doesn't have an outside temperature readout.

Now we resort to the old fashion method.... put down the window and stick a hand out in the breeze. Hey, it's retro, isn't it.....
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