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2005 door panels

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Does anybody have the CORRECT part #s for the 05 door panels?

BILL :seeya
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Not a bad day, I'm just trying to find the correct #s for the latest 05 panels, the ones with a little extra finger room. Just thinking right now-- it's been a long winter up here in the frozen NORTH :seeya
05 Door Panels

I am working with my parts guy to get this cleared up on the correct part #s for the later 05 panels. You can not go to the GM parts list and inentify these panels, you need a VIN that of a truck that has the correct panels and go from there. So I located an 05 with the correct panels, got the VIN and gave it to my parts guy yesterday and he is researching it for me. So as soon as I hear something I'll let you know.
Yes, he works for the dealer that I bought my SSR from. They are a small dealership and really great to deal with. They even remember your name after the sale ! ! ! ! ! :seeya
I think that this is where the VIN comes in, after a certian s/n on the 05 it will tell you order a different panel # for that truck if you need an exact replacement. It sounds like the GM parts system does not give any hints or descriptions when you try to identify such parts. I know that it is common to need the VIN when ordering other parts also. Actually what they need is the build # or s/n as alot of times they may change something midstream and this is the best way to keep track of what items go on which trucks.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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