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2005 Final Build Total

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Looks like there ended up being 7,279 SSR's built for the 2005 Model Year.

654 were built in May - for a total of 1,500 2005's built this calendar year.

Deliveries for May 2005 totaled 707 - for a total of 4,221 SSR's delivered so far this year. (That is -1.4% and -12.3% as compared to last year.)

Overall GM Reports 393,197 Deliveries in May
Cadillac Deliveries Up 12 Percent, Paced by 51 Percent Increase in Car Sales
Chevrolet Car Sales Up 12 Percent, Led by Record Cobalt Sales
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kwhopper89 said:
2003 = 3,416*

2004 = 10,676

2005 = 7,279

Curious to know how many of the 21,371 Roadsters built so far are still on the road -- ever been on the road - have crashed - etc etc...

* OK OK - this figure can be kind of a mystery...

Photo Tip:

Attached images were shot (L-R):
1) Normal Exposure - Full Auto mode in camera...

2) Aimed the camera into the brighter background to get the light reading - then aimed at my Roadster - I was attempting to get the cloud/sky colors to be more like what my eyes were seeing right then. (Check out the neon effect - I did NOT alter the image at all...)

3)Fill Flash w/ normal exposure...

would you take a picture of my truck the next time we are in the same place?
As you can see I need help!!!!!!!!! :confused
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