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Not sure if anyone has noticed but there has been some increase in the 2004 SSr 's posted MSRP from $41,370 to $42,245 over the past several weeks. :nono

My local dealer tells me this is just GM getting us ready for another 1.5-2% bump in the price of the 2005's over and above the 2% or so that we've just been hit with. The dealer is sure that there will be some further increase from the current $42,245 based on the fact the 390 HP LS2 engine and the M32 transmission both cost more to manufacture than the 300HP/M30 combination.

My dealer mentioned that the local zone office was really taking a lot of heat :cuss from the dealer group on the SSr as it is not selling, GM is just cranking them out, and does not seem to want to do anything about rebates or special finanacing. :confused The consensus is that the truck is too highly priced for much of the market it is intended for and when the C6 comes out there will be real issues with sales on the SSr..... :rant

Does anyone have any up-2-date input on the market in their local area or have heard what Chevrolet Division proposes to do about '05 pricing?


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I did a search on GM Buypower. The price increase was listed when you specify the vehicle. The highest serial # I found in this area was 11391 and that still had the lower base price on the window sticker.
Maybe this is a way for Chevy to offer a higher incentive. Raise the price by $1000 and then give it back in a rebate. But then again retailers never do things like that. :rolleyes:
The increase might just be the increase for 05. It doesn't make a lot of sense that they would raise the price for the last month or so of the production year. Only time will tell.

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Discounted SSRs

Just recently has the dealers in Western NY area started to offer GMS pricing on SSRs. The discount is approx. 10% however if you add the sales tax of 8.25% you are almost back to the sticker price.

It remains to be seen if the 05 will increase the sticker a lot more with the new 6.0 L engine and optional 6 speed. :confused

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Here is something I found on line at a dealer in Maryland. This is crazy that a dealer still has this type of mark-up.

Year: 2004
Make: Chevrolet
Model: SSR
Trim: LS
Exterior Color: REDLINE RED
Interior Color: BLACK LEATHER
Internet Price: $55,850
Stock Number: 11107929
VIN: 1GCES14P24B107929
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