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Not mine, but a great price on a 6.0L 6-speed.

2005 SSR - Boca Raton, FL
Not throwing my hat in on value but anyone interested should not place value on it being an original TuTone - particularly obvious becaiuse it is a MY2005
Original body colour was 67U Ricochet Silver

Looks very nice
Very blurry picture of the interior, but looks like satin gauges

For sure I am not trying to beat up on this SSR - as stated, it looks really nice

Points to check out
- Chrome Wheels
- Boards - no
- Gauges - not sure
- Cargo bed carpeted - no idea

It does look very nice, well maintained but the Seller should provide a bit more detail

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Cash, it still looks pretty nice for $19,000. "Seller should provide a bit more detail(s)" I agree Cash, I agree !!! I couldn't handle a 6 Speed at my age, but I do love the Chrome Rims, especially with this color scheme. tennesseecozydog :ssr
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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