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2005 Smokin Asphalt.....

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Window tint>>>YES or NO? :cool
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can you post a picture with window tint to see what it looks like?
yes, but not 5%. You can't see crap!

Mine were done in 5% until last week, replaced with 35% but it wasn't "black" enough. If legal go alittle darker than 35, but NOT 5...

Just my opinion
Not without "mole skin" in the door to protect the tint job. :nono
Add the tint!

Mine is an "05 and I did not need to add anything to protect the tint. The guys who tinted it told me about that issues with ones they had tinted before but he said it looked like the '05 didn't need it so he didn't add it. He tinted the windows and so far - no problems.
Just give it some time, it will happen.
on the 5% I did notice vertical "scratches". Attributed them to sand in the window felt...someone give more info on the mole skin?
GM did not put window felt on the SSR. That is why we put the moleskin on. It is the same thing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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