Parting out a 2005 SSR 6 speed with 66500 miles on it. This is not a water car or even a Salvage Title. The car is a Clean Title car that I bought 12 months ago and finally decided might part it out. I want to sell the Engine and Transmission First or the Complete rolling frame with engine and transmission and other parts with the frame. If I sell one of these items will part out the rest of the car. Nothing on the car is for sale except these three items.
1- Engine LS2 and 6 Speed Transmission $7800
2- Engine LS2 $3500
3 - 6 Speed Transmission $4500
4- Rolling Frame with Engine, 6 Speed Tran. $10,300 (steel rims) rear end, gas tank, Hitch and other parts to remain on frame. I also may deliver the frame for a fee if not long distance.

Story on why parting out.
Bought 05 6 speed Black in Jan 2022 in Maryland but was not able to go and see it because of bad weather and Covid. Had plenty of pictures and had it inspected with over 100 pictures, so I bought it and when the car got here the left quarter and door rear bumper and left fender had been painted and did a poor job. I work for a guy part time, and he paints and does body work, so it took him 6 months to get time to do it. Got finished with painting and he backed it into a trailer on the same quarter he just painted. Got tired of waiting and bought a 06 SSR that was an automatic. Been trying to decide to part it out or put it back together and sell but if I sell one major component will part it out. I have parted out 48 Honda S2000 and few other cars so parting a car out is no big deal for me to part one out.