Time to possibly part ways with my 2005 SSR (looking for other toys to play with in retirement, and I only have so much moola and garage space)

VIN 1GCES14H65B117213
48,000 miles
Chrome wheels
Color keyed running boards and cargo bay strips
I'm the 2nd owner...meticulously maintained...no outstanding issues.

Here's some of the details....excuse the wordiness, as it's from a previous attempt to sell her....

The mods were done by the original owner, based on information he was going on from this great SSRFanatic forum!
A majority of the upgrades were from Simple Engineering Simple Engineering, LLC – Chevy SSR Aftermarket Parts, Accessories and Repair Solutions of course!

Crossmember Brace – the OEM was a tubular, 2 bolt (one on each side) rear brace which purpose was to stiffen the chassis and provide better ride…it fell short. The upgraded Simple Engineering one stiffens up the chassis, so better ride going across bumps, and less flex in the chassis per their website. It’s a square box, 4 bolt brace, similar to what would have came on Trailblazers

Drive Shaft – OEM users heard a ‘tink’ noise when going into gear, or accelerating or getting off the gas….Chevy tried some fixes to no avail. Dennis Reinhart Racing came up with a solution, a beefier driveshaft.

Fans – That LS2 crammed into the SSR tends to run hot in stop and go traffic on hot days. The upgraded main fan (OEM known to crap out), and auxiliary pusher fan which kicks in at temps above approx. 205deg, both from Simple Engineering, makes for a more reliable ride.

Front Air Dam – More air into engine bay to help with cooling

Transmission Shifter Repair Kit – The OEM link from shifter to tranny is made out of dense plastic, know to break over time (leaving you stranded). Simple Engineering and “the Dicktator” from the SSRForum designed up a bullet proof link.

Lower Radiator Support – The OEM support is I believe plastic, prone to breakage…The Simple Engineering one is made out of 1/8” high grade American steel, helping also to stiffen the chassis

ABS Brake Heat Shield – Stainless Steel shield that provides a thermal barrier between the left catalytic converter and the anti-lock brake electronics unit

Front Air Dam - more air into engine compartment = good thing

5” Exhaust tips – They just look bad arsed! Plus give a little more rumble.

Red trim on wheels – vinyl, and easy to replace if damaged by a tire changer (got em on ebay).

Tires - Chrome-finished 19″ and 20″ wheels are mounted with 255/45 Nexen N’Fera AU7 front and 295/45 Nexen Roadian HP rear tires (gives it that slight raked look IMO)
Tires replaced in Apr 2021....approx 7,000 miles on them

Most Recent Service
Coolant Flush - Sept 2019
Brake Flush - May 2021
Battery - new, March 2022
Transmission flush and filter - April 2022
Tonneau Struts - Aug 2022
Oil Change - Oct 2022

More info in a spreadsheet I'll be glad to send anyone requesting it...(can't attached it here)
Reach out to me for more info, pictures, carfax, etc