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How many SSR were produced in 2005?
How many were in Red?
Thanks M30 SSR
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@M30 SSR, Did you buy an '05 Redline? If so---Welcome from Forney Texas. Consider clicking on the Colored Letter/Picture, top far right corner, go down to "Account Settings", click, and fill in your information. Especially your LOCATION and the year of your SSR, like the rest of us. Then go the the left side and click on "Signature". Also put the year of your SSR in your "Signature", and anything else you want to show in your posts, and we can help you better if you have a problem. When you finish click the "SAVE" box.

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There were 7279 total vehicles were produced in 2005. 1635 were Redline (Torch) Red. Roughly 350 were six-speed - including mine.
I've got another one of the 05 Redlines with a 6-speed. Love it!
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