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2006 New Color Info

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Hi guys -

Dropped my Asphalt off at the dealer last night to take care of their We Owe stuff and my other niggles...

And I asked the salesman, who happens to be my future father-in-law, if he'd heard anything on the new color for 2006.

Now, this isn't concrete, treat it only as hearsay because he didn't get the info directly from GM of course, he's not 100% sure or anything...

Steel Blue.

Near as I can tell it'll be kind of like LeMans Blue but with a stronger grey undertone.

Will it be a good color for SSR? I can't even fathom whether it would or wouldn't.

Now, it's still not official, but it's a little better to me than speculation.

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If by chance this could possibly, not quite, but almost for certain, not really, but if by chance it were, but it really isn't the color, ITS GOT TO BE BUTT ULGY.
Mike :cool
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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