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SSR International SUPER Rally 2019 - October 13 – 17/2019 :yellow::ssr:black::purple::blur::blue::silver:

Please view Posts #3 and #4 for further information and daily events Monday through Thursday

Sunday October 13
- Registration and Meet and Greet

Wednesday October 16
  • Banquet/Awards night - final day of Rally
  • Raffle Draw at Banquet for 2005 Ricochet Silver SSR
Mikey's Squeeze Debbie Moro is looking after raffle ticket sales - Thank you Debbie!
This is an excerpt from Debbie's thread, link attached below

Thursday October 17

- Check out unless extending your vacation

The Branson Rally will be raffling a very nice 2005 Ricochet Silver SSR, VIN 1GCES14H55B121138 (build date May 20, 2005) as a part of the festivities.

CAZ #4.jpg

The SSR is Ricochet Silver in color, automatic transmission, SSR equipment, ISB package, plus chrome wheels, running boards, cargo compartment trim with wood slats, and auxiliary gauge package.
The truck has 9-month-old Continental tires with approximately 6000 miles on them. Several of Mike’s upgrades have been made to the truck.
This SSR has been very well maintained throughout its life.
The current mileage is 72149. The mileage will be under 75,000 when the winning raffle ticket is drawn in Branson at the Rally.
We will be selling a total of 300 tickets at $100 each, initially opening the raffle ticket purchase for SSR Fanatic members only. If 250 tickets have been sold by September 1, 2019, we will continue the raffle for SSR Fanatic members only. If 250 tickets have not been sold by this date, we will continue the availability of ticket purchase to members AND open the raffle ticket purchase for non-members. We hope the 250 goals can be reached by September 1, 2019, so the winner can be guaranteed to be a member of the SSR Fanatic family.
The winner will be given a Bill of Sale of $14,000 value. The winner is responsible for sales tax and licensing in his or her state, as well as transportation of the truck to his or her home.
The winner is not required to be present to win. The drawing will be October 16, 2019, at the International Rally Banquet in Branson, Missouri.

To purchase tickets for this really nice SSR visit Debbie on the link below


CAZ #1.jpeg

The CHATEAU is one of the nicest hotels in Branson and sells out fast.
Reservations – 888.333.5253 (ask for SSRFanatic rate)
Our room rate is $119 plus tax– upgrades available for suites or full lake view
If you would like to come early or stay later the hotel will honor our rate.
Check out for more pictures and information
(You must reserve a refrigerator if you need your Rx refrigerated)

We will post event information as soon as we get it scheduled so you can plan your free time. You can check out Branson by going to

We will get SSRFanatic Group discounts so don’t buy tickets or passes before you arrive at the Rally.
Copy of activities flyer is in Post 3below.

We will post schedule and things to do on your free time beginning first part of 2019 this is when Branson sets their schedule for the year


Post 2 Attendees List
Post 3 Registration Form
Post 3 Activities Form
Post 4 Schedule
Post 10 Room Rate
Tune-up sign up thread in National Events - Link
Tech Session sign-up thread in National Events ( Limited seating ) - Link


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  1. THANKS to all 225 SSRs that paid for PREREGISTRATION for the 2019 INTERNATIONAL RALLY aka Super Rally II
2019 International Rally attendees list

Registration paid= Pd

1 Stiles Sport Roadster Pd-2 BL FL
2 Mike in AZ Pd-2 BL AZ
3 J.R. Pd-2 R FL
4 Dave Rasmunssen Pd-2 BK. NE
5 Lee Pd-2 AB OK
6 Krazy Ed Pd-2 UV Can
7 240 Gordy. Pd-2. C. CAN
8 SSR051 Pd-1 A-B MO
9 lloger. Pd-2 Y CA
10 Mickey S Pd-2 C OK
11 SSRDSTR ll Pd-2 S IA
12 sbubbaklein Pd-2 BK MO
13 DaBittman Pd-2 Y FL C
14 KellyO Pd-2 C Can C
15 TheXCepsion Pd-2 BK TX
16 CAZ SSR Pd-2 R MO
17 zoro1947 Pd-2 BL MO
18 Dinerman. Pd-2 BK TX
19 Penny Pencher Pd-2 BK MO
20 HOT-SSR. Pd-2 Y TX
21 ZsSSR. Pd-1 BK AZ
22 Beuhler Pd-2 Y MO
23 SSReplay Pd-2 A-B IL
24 Stlhotrod Pd-1 BK MO
25 Johnny 9 Pd-2 BL MO
26 ssroe Pd-2 BL GA
27 BlueStreak Pd-1 BL CA
28 Ross1957 Pd-2 S IN
30 Pikeville 904 Pd-2 A-B TN
31 Flying Dog Pd-2 C IL
33 Run Faster Pd-2 Y OH
34 [email protected] Pd-1 Y MI
35 JR Pd-2 R FL
36 ALLSTATE 400 Pd-2 C Can
37 RedlineRyder Pd-2 R TX
38 ssr3. Pd-2. BK TX
39 ReggieSSRbcool Pd-2 Y FL
40 CruDawg Pd 2 S GA
41 3yello Pd-2 B AZ
42 PokerGuy Pd-2 C CA
43 Dicktator Pd-2 C FL
44 Little wing Pd-1 UV
45 Madtym Pd-2 AB IL
46 Jayboy Pd-2 R OH
47 Curbsssr. Pd-2 R TX
48 XoxoxoBruce Pd-1 S PA
49 Lamdchop Pd-2 TN
50 04 PurpleHaze Pd-2 UV TN
51 tazzman 270 Pd-2 SK
52 Light Show. Pd-2. S. FL.
54 Mr. Bill Pd-1 R NC
55 moscooter Pd-2 BK NC
56 soren703 Pd-2 C FL
57 True Blue Pd-2 BL TX
58 gnarly_dude Pd-2 Y CO
60 yellowtoy Pd-1 Y TX
61 SSR 05 RedRider Pd-2 R FL
62 Cool Blue. Pd-2. C. CO
63 SSR Mightymom Pd-2 R AZ
64 WillieMacG Pd-1 Y TX
65 Scott 0168 Pd-2 BK MI
66 BBPSSR Pd-2 R
67 DoubleVision Pd-2 C FL
68 TrikeRider Pd-2 A-B OK
69 downshifter Pd-2 Custom MI
70 Huummer Pd-1 Y OR
71 Dusty SSR Kid Pd-2 R IA
72 MicDonna Pd-2 BK IN
73 SSRFather Pd-2 Y FL
74 LargoSSR05 Pd-2 BK FL
75 RCM Pd-2 BK IA
76 hamilfour Pd-1 R MD
77 Red Rocket Pd-2 Y CO
78 SSR4US Pd-2 BK SC
79 C L Hood Pd-2 BK TX
80 mtr317 Pd-2 BK GA
81 snomuncher Pd-2. Y. CT.
82 Roadster Fun Pd-2 AR
83 Jerrysdriven2ca Pd-1 R CO
84 2005truxrus Pd-2 BK KS
85 shintajay Pd-2 S HI
87 Michigander. Pd-2 Y MI
88 Ratical SSR Pd-2 C PA
89 6.0TOGO Pd-1 FL
90 oldfred Pd-1 P GA
91 Troy Toy Pd-2 BK CA
92 M T Pockets. Pd-2. C. CAN.
93 Daverobertson Pd-1 Y KS
94 Firetruck Pd-2 R OH
95 mjcowett Pd-2 R OH
96 Furykay PD-2 Y TX KOA
97 wizzr Pd-1 S NM
98 SuperChargeYellow Pd-2 Y IN
99 rockytop Pd-2 R TN
100 Casper Pd-2 W KS
101 Jonnyques Pd-2 Y Can
102 Boydster Pd-2 S FL
103 SCSSR Pd-2 BK IL
104 WS Freiheit Pd-2 U-V AR Condo
105 Purple rain 6 Pd-2 U-V TX KOA
106 JW Pd-2 C OK
107 TLM. Pd-2. BL. TX
108 Raccoon Pd-2 BK CT
109 Denzie Pd-2 Y Can
111 Rogerdoger Pd-2 Y IL
112 Wrangler Red SSR Pd-2 IA
113 GR8TYM Pd-2 R MT
114 HUAW Pd-1 OH
115 Erica C Pd-1 Y KS
116 CPFriend Pd-2 R MI
117 Randu Pd-2 BL WI
118 CraneTraner Pd-1 Y OH
119 Speedoo Pd-2 Y TX
120 Blueroadster06 Pd-2 Bl TX
121 OkieDave Pd-1 A-B OK
122 Support Tech Pd-2 S Sask.
123 Rabbydoo Pd-2 BL FL
124 Hollister SSR PD-2 Y CA
125 SWT RYD Pd-2 R TN
126 Blur’d Vison Pd-2 AB NC
127 TruckNRod Pd-2 C CA
128 SoonerSSR Pd-2 R OK
129 had2hvt Pd-2 UV TN
130 TNJoe Pd-2 S TN
131 Stepchild. Pd-2. BL. OK
132 12Pack Pd- 2 A-B GA
133 Randy Mc Pd-2 R MO
134 Reaper Pd-2 B&S TX
135 Giddy up go Pd-2 BK MO
136 jt denver Pd-2 Y CO
137 DesotoDoug Pd-1 U-V TX
138 GM Man Pd-2 C TX
139 Norma Pd-1 S FL
140 Blackbird/Yellowbird Pd-2 Y Sask
141 Kevin Pd-1 Sask
142 Warren & Sandy Pd-2 UV AR
143 Jim & Charles Pd-2 BK OK
144 3 Yello & Elwood Pd-2 Y Can
145 Garris 1 Pd-2 AB MD
146 Jaybird II Pd-2 Y NC
147 Ed in Fl Pd-2 BL FL
148 K2 SSR Pd-2 S CO
149 North County Pd-2 C BC C
150 Snuffy. Pd-1 Bk TX
151 Jim E. Pd-2 BK OK
152 Trygodfirst Pd-2 R FL
153 DiahMoff Pd-2 BK Ok
154 Book Pd-2 A-B FL
155 Oil Hillbilly Pd-2 Y TX
156 HAVNFN 2 Pd-1 R OK
157 Cybersailor Pd-1 S MN C
158 Wyo Silver Pd-2 S WY
159 Sweet Tomato Pd-2 R FL
160 BAD 007 Pd-2 P TX
161 yellowbaby Pd-2 Y GA
162 T. Goodman Pd-2 Y OH
163 Purple Passion Pd-2 U-V MA
164 Ricochet Rabbit Pd-2 S TX
165 Budhorse Pd-2 C GA
166 BluMnM Pd-2 BL AL
167 nj6969 Pd-2 U-V TX
168 Railroad Guy Pd-2 A-B TX
169 Pa Hot SSR. Pd-2 Y Pa
171 Lady Di Pd-2 C TN
172 Sailing. Pd-2 BL ME C
173 Marty Pd-2 Custom OH
174 TX Roadrunner Pd-2 A-B
175 Layne12gun Pd-2 R FL
176 ssr2b Pd-2 Y WI
177 Snow 442 Pd-2 Y MO
178 Loveourchevy 04 Pd-2 R RI
179 Little B Pd-2 BK MD
180 Yellow Power Pd-2 Y OK
181 K&C Schwake Pd-2 Y IA
182 sendit2al Pd-2 Y GA
183 DYSSR Pd-1 Y IN
184 Tbonz Pd-2 R TN
185 cincySSR Pd-2 R OH
186 ysrebob Pd-2 R IA
187 Texascarmann. Pd-2 Y TX
188 jj4650 Pd-2 Y KS
189 nhart Pd-1 S TX
190 Vesteltrucker Pd-2 Y TX
191 Roseanne Pd-1 S TX
192 I C Blue Pd-2 BL CA
194 Longshot 1952 Pd-2 S MI
195 Trader Dick Pd-1 BL AZ C
196 05SSRPelican. Pd-2 S LA
197 SHOWDAD4 Pd-2 Y FL
199 Bfast Pd-2 R TX
200 Aqua 2005 Pd-2 A-B IN
201 Nighttrain. Pd-2 A-B IA
203 BlastfromPast Pd-2 U-V NV
204 rnelli Pd-2 A-B WI
205 Jersey Red Pd-1 R NJ C
206 Black Gold Pd-2 BK LA
207 Truckingeezer Pd-2 S GA
209 river-rat Pd-2 Y TX
210 Zainossr Pd-2 C TX
211 Steve&SusanB Pd-2 Y MO
212 1Vfarms Pd-2 R MO
213 Rodman Pd-2 Y SC
214 I strobe Pd-1 R MA C
215 03TXBOB Pd-2 R TX
216 ELVEZ Pd-1 B TN
217 Billy V. Pd-2 Y IL
218 Palomino Pd-2 Y. TX
219 GKSSSR Pd-2 R MN
220 Kenminnesota Pd-2 R MN
221 Studmuffin Pd-3 UV OH
222 Yellow Flame Pd-2 C KY
223 JBCook Pd-2 Y OK
224 GKSSR Pd-2 R FL
225 LuvLake Pd-2 Y MO

226 PWT SSR Pd-2 BK TN
227 DW SSS Pd-2 Y IA
228 Minion Pd-2 Y TX
229 DAGS Pd-2 R WI
230 JETGG04 SSR Pd-2 Y SC
231 red-hot eng Pd-2 R MO
232 ESR SSR Pd-2 Y AR
233 Wannabe Pd-1 S AR
234 04 Bumble-Bee Pd-1 Y IN
235 Nodoughnut Pd-2 Y TX
236 Lonebone Pd-1 Y KY
237 SSA Pd-2 Y TX
238 Don P Pd-2 S OK
239 Flame Pd-1 C KY
240 TrikeRider 2 Pd-2 OK
241 Okie Blue Pd-2 BL OK
242 James P Pd-2 R Ok
243 Ramrod PD-2 AB NE
244 Redline Dan Pd-2 R MO
245 Steve Pd-2 C TX
246 1lowssr Pd-2 R TN
247 Pilot 226 Pd-2 C AR
248 UV15 Pd-2 UV IL
249 Horrible Pd-2 Y AR
250 Killerbee Pd-1 C MO
251 Steve Guy Pd-2 R KS
252 Juicy&Blown Pd-2 BK
253 T&K Hebert Pd-2 C FL
254 Purple Penelope Pd-2 UV FL

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Updated 9/27/2019!!!!!!!!!!!

(( Sign ups, pre-pays and new info will be posted by Post # in Post#1 ))

( Joe D. has started a post for tune ups )

(NAME-TAGS will be in GOODY BAGS, don't forget to wear them)

Rally Committee setup
Car Wash area in Lower lot all rally
Car Wash vendor will also be in lower lot if you don’t want to wash your car.
PM Cruise to Sonic (meet lower parking lot) Time TBD

1PM - 6PM Registration in Barcelona Room
6PM Meet and Greet with entertainment in Atrium Bar area till food runs out (Cash bar)

Representatives from Branson Tourist Convention will be in hall all morning. (Discount show tickets and area info.)
9AM - 12PM Registration in Barcelona Room
9AM - 12PM Tech session in Venice Room. (Must pre-sign up, space limited, Mike has started a post for sign up)
9:30 AND 11AM Shutle to Branson Landing, shopping and restaurants)
1PM AND 2PM Shutle from Landing to Chateau
1PM - 2:30PM Swap Meet (Lower lot)
4 PM Line up BY TRUCK COLOR for Drone and individual pics 6 PM Parade to the Branson Belle for Dinner Cruise
7:00 to7:30 Board Branson Belle. Open seating. (must Pre-Pay)

10AM Cruise the back roads TBD. (Meet lower lot)
6 PM Leave the lower lot Cruise to Sonic and then at 8:00 Cruise the Strip back to The Chateau
8PM Group discount tickets for SSRfanatics for The Million Dollar Quartet (Very Popular show)

Oct 16 WEDNESDAY. (Last official day of SSR Rally)
9AM-12PM Silver Dollar City SSR Show and Shine
Must PRE-SIGN up to get free parking in our private lot otherwise $15 general parking
Don't have to show your truck to get into parking lot, must show NAME-TAG and PRE-SIGN UP (Rental cars free also with name tag)
9AM- 4PM SDC Discount group SSRfanatic tickets available to Silver Dollar City (Must Pre-Pay)
5:15pm- 6pm SSRfanatic Social Hour in lobby outside of Barcelona Room. wear NAME-TAG
5PM-10PM SSR Banquet and Awards Dinner. (NAME-TAG)

We will have: Raffle Room
Silent auction Room
Poker Run (WALK)
Attendance Prizes
50/50 Drawings all weekend
20% Discount at Chateau Spa
Banquet Night Auction
POLO shirts for purchase (Must pre-order)
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE DRAWING FOR a Silver SSR (don't forget to buy your ticket before they are gone. Limited to 300)


For info packet on Branson and area go to


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October 13th-16th 2019 in Branson Mo. Hotel is taking reservations now by calling CHATEAU ON THE LAKE at 888-333-5232 ask for SSRfanatic rate. If you would like to come early or stay later the hotel will honor our rate. This hotel is one of the nicest in Branson and sells out fast. We only have 120 rooms blocked for now.We will post information as soon as we get it scheduled so you can plan your free time. You can check out Branson by going to we will get discounts so don’t buy tickets or passes until Rally
You may want to correct the hotel phone # to 888-333-5253 as -5232 is their fax #...

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SSR room rate is $119.00 for king or two queens. Make sure you call if you are going to get there early or stay late to get rate. Web sight won’t let you add days at our rate

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CONGRATULATIONS caz !!! Great lookin' Brochure/Flyer. Wishin' you the very best cause the Internationals are always a great fun lovin' time and y'all's will be no different !!! tennesseecozydog :ssr :black: :yellow: :purple: :blur: :silver: :blue: and all the beautiful Two Tones and Mods !!!

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I better follow my fellow Canadian Krazy Ed, Ev & I will be there! I smell a caravan from Alberta Canada Brewing, even though it's 18 months away! "East Bound & Down, Loaded up and Truckin'.. we're gonna do what they say can't be done!" "We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there" We're East bound just watch those SSR's Run"!


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Lloyd and Gerry will be there. We ran the first one in Springfield, MO and we've been to every one since. Can't wait.
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