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What happened?

Marg is coming with me not sure Ron is going to have someone or not as of yet

Krazy Ed
So your new buddie Ron bailed (probably car showed out) but at least 1 of 2 of my "Invitees" showed up. Welcome to Mr and Mrs Baker with the 06 Siver 6 speed. Thanks for guarding our R's Erik as we were having Swiss Chalet.
We should do this more than once a year. All went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the get together.:laugh::wink2:

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R Crazy Ed's R wins Hagerty Summer Solstice Car of the Week!

Crazy Ed's immaculate ultraviolet SSR won Car of the Week at last night's SSR Summer Solstice Rendezvous attended by 18 SSRs, owners and friends! Congratulations Erik and Marg! :sunce:
Inspite of an iffy weather forecast, it turned out to be a great evening, with the rain holding off long enough to let everybody get home... dry. (How about you Cam? I think you had the longest drive!) It turned out to be a formal evening with a lot of people showing up wearing black...Smokin' Asphalt Black that is! We had SSR lovers (dare I say Fanatics?) from all over S Ontario; Ottawa, Newmarket, Cambridge, Font Hill, Bobcaygeon, Tottenham and lots of others I can't remember.
Early in the evening, many of the women headed to Swiss Chalet to talk girl talk over a glass of wine leaving the boys to talk cars...which they did until driven by hunger and thirst we too wandered over for dinner.
The host car club ran a special draw for the SSR crowd and here again, Crazy Ed was a winner!
Shortly after dinner, people started saying their good-byes and heading home. Thanks Barry for mobilizing so many of your SSR friends! Thanks David Helman and Thornhill Cruisers for again making us so welcome!
It was a wonderful chance to renew friendships and make some new here for news of a similar night later this summer


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Looks like you all had a good time and I even recognize some of those people and SSRs.
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Great Night !

Had A great time and was good to see some new faces and of course the familiar faces too !
Thanks to Wingnutz and Barry for organizing this !
Nice see Krazy Ed is amassing the hardware for the purple truck also !
Have a Topdown kinda summer !
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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