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The Cincinnati SSR Rally will be raffling a very nice 2005 SSR, Serial Number 1GCES14H15B115661, (build date September 24, 2005) as part of the festivities.

The SSR is an Aqua Blur Metallic in color with automatic transmission, ISB package, plus chrome wheels, running boards, cargo compartment trim with wood slats, cockpit windbreak and auxiliary gauge package. Truck has Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires with approximately 7000 miles on them. Several standard fanatic upgrades have been made to the truck including the transmission cable bushing upgrade and the ABS heat shield. The truck seems to have been very well maintained throughout its life and has a clean CarFax.

The current SSR mileage is 64,396. The mileage will be limited but it will be driven enough to keep it in good running order these next 9 months. We expect to still have less than 65,000 miles on it at the time of the raffle drawing at the Cincinnati International Rally.

We will be selling a total of 300 tickets at $100 each, initially opening the raffle ticket purchase for SSR Fanatics members only. If 250 tickets have been sold by August 15, 2021, we will continue the raffle as is, for members only. If 250 tickets have not been sold by this date, we will continue availability of ticket purchase to members, as well as open the raffle ticket purchase for non-members who desire to join the family with a chance to win the truck. We hope the 250 can be reached by August 15, 2021, so a current SSR member will be the winner! A non-SSR Fanatic will be assigned to inspect the tickets and draw the winning ticket to insure integrity of the drawing.
The winner will be given a Bill of Sale of $14,000 value. The winner is responsible for sales tax and licensing in his or her state, as well as transportation of the truck to his or her home. Winner does not have to be present to win. The drawing will be September 19, 2021, at the International Rally Banquet in Cincinnati, Ohio.
PLEASE communicate with me via email to [email protected] when you want to purchase a ticket.

Your email should include:

SSR Fanatic Screen name
Phone number
Email address

Payment will be accepted in two forms only:

1. PayPal with the selection “Sending to a Friend” (this eliminates the 3% PayPal charges) directly to:
[email protected]

If we are charged any PayPal fees (like the ones that may come from a Canadian or German PayPal transfer), I will be contacting you for compensation.

2. Send a personal check or Money order made out to:

Debbie Moro
3844 E. Tanglewood Drive
Phoenix, AZ, 85048

In either case, a validation ticket(s) will be mailed back to you.

Thanks for your support,



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Thanks so much Debbie for offering to run the raffle this year! You and Mike are the BEST!
Also, a huge Thank You to the Ohio Chapter members who were able to all chip in and purchase this really nice truck! By next weekend we will have some more pictures to post of the truck!

Good Luck Everyone! 😉


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