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THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! Despite all the set backs and delays due to this Covid-19,
Ohio is completely open with no restrictions!

The registration and event PDF forms can be found at the bottom of this post for your convenience and filled out on your computer, notepad or cell phone and emailed to me if you so choose. This would probably work best if you are paying by PayPal. If you are writing a check, you can just copy the forms and send them with the check or money order. Make sure you write the check or Money order in MY NAME (Larry Cameron) and not to the Rally. Bank won't cash them! 😱

Make your hotel reservations by calling the Holiday Inn & Suites-Eastgate in Cincinnati at
513-752-4400 and DO NOT PRESS #1 for Reservations. PRESS #0 for the Front Desk! This way you actually talk to the hotel and not to someone overseas... ;) Make sure you use the Block Code "SSR" to get your discounted rates of $115 a night. All other hotel information is on the bottom of your registration form!

It was brought to my attention that it may be unclear that we are also having events on Sunday the 19th. The Event Sign-Up form was for activities that required some type of fee (except for the Air Force Museum). However, we have a FULL day and night of activities on Sunday including our Banquet! We realize that the banquet is usually held on Saturday night which likely caused some confusion and some may need to add another night in order to attend... Check out will need to be on Monday the 20th if you are staying for the Sundays activities and banquet. Apologies where needed...

The official schedule and locations will be in the booklet that each Goodie Bag will have. This is strictly for a general idea of how the week is laid out. Some changes and details could be possible but unlikely.

Wednesday Sept. 15;

Registration 3:00 – 6:00
Meet and Greet 5-9:00 pm

Thursday Sept. 16;
Registration AM before first activity.
Cincinnati Museum @Union Terminal Depart at 9:30 (Hours 10-4:00) (Leave at your leisure)
Swap Meet 4-6:00
Drive Inn Movie Depart 8:30-11pm

Friday Sept. 17;
National Air Force Museum Depart at 9:30 (Hours 9-5:00) (Leave at your leisure to see other Dayton attractions or Linda’s Scenic Drive to Hotel)
B&B Riverboat Dinner Cruise Depart 6:00 (6:30 –10pm)

Saturday Sept. 18;
Kentucky Speedway Depart at 10:00/4-hour track rental (Return on your own via Linda’s Scenic Routes or make your own plans for the rest of the day)

Sunday Sept.19;
Tech Session 9:00-12:00 at Hotel (AutoProf, Dictator and Mike in Az)
Ladies Vendor Shopping 9-12:00 (at Hotel Conference Room)
Show and Shine 1- 4:00 (Chevy Dealership)
Banquet/Awards/Raffle 6:30-10:00 (Conference Center at Hotel) Guest Speaker will be Bob Walczyk the former Chevrolet Marketing Manager for the SSR. Topic will be the development of the Signature Series Trucks.

The hotel has an on site full service restaurant and lounge for your convenience.

Throughout the week we will have Joe Delano a professional engine tuner bringing the beast out of your engines! Joe and his wife were also at the Branson International in 2019 and many other Rallies in the past. He will create a separate thread soon to begin signing up and what the fee will be.

The guys from LST struts will also be available to replace hood and deck struts as well as switch out the prop rods on the 03' and 04's with struts like the later models (If the Canadian Border is open by then). The cost will be announced as we get closer to September.

A local detailing company will also be available to wash your trucks upon arriving for at least the the first couple of days. (fee to be announced later). There will also be water hoses available in the hotel parking lot for those of you who prefer to wash your own. This will be available every day.

This is the link for the Aqua Blur SSR Raffle which will be drawn the night of the Banquet!

In behalf of the Ohio Chapter of SSR Fanatics we deeply appreciate your support and participation in this Bi-Annual Event! "Lets Have Fun In 21'!"


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List of those Registered (R) and with Hotel reservations (H)
Hotel Reservations Only (H)

Waiting on Payment
Events Paid
🙏 Fred Botts "Old Fred" Rest In Peace

*1) John Stine and Judy (R) (H) "Mr. Met" Events (ALL)
*2) Kenn Garrison and Janet (R) (H) "Garris1" Events (ALL)
Alex Novakoski and Cheryl (R) (H) "LargoSSR05" Medical Refund Requested
Scott Harris and Diane (R) (H) "trygodfirst" Medical Refund Requested
3) Scott Stanley and Karen (R) (H) "Scott-0168" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
*4) Dave Rasmussen and Julie (R ) (H) "dave rasmussen"
*5) John Tovey and Kathy (R) (H) "Longshot 1952" Events (B&B, KS)
6) Mic Wendt and Donna (R) (H) "MicDonna" Events (ALL)
*7) Randal Bolton and Lori (R) (H) "Scruby" Events (ALL)
*8) Dave Mammen and Marcy (R) (H) "Madtym" Events (B&B, KS)
*9) John Edingfield and Melissa (R) (H) "Edingjohn7" Events (ALL)
*10) Robert Deutschman and Kim (R) (H) "TXNSSR" "Parnelli" Events (ALL)
*11) Dwight Morgan (R) (H) "BlueStreak" Events (ALL)
*12) AJ Moore and Ann (R) () "AgedOne65" Events (B&B, KS)
*13) Bob Rowan and Jackie (R) (H) "Bob Rowan" Events (DI, KS)
*14) David Fox and Jane (R) (H) "Zoro1947" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
*15) Denny Haffer and Jackie (R) (H) "CAZSSR"
*16) Eddie Schott and Debbie (R) (H) "Sillypuddy" Events (CM, B&B, KS)
*17) Lloyd Simmons and Gerry (R) (H) "lloger" & "Bondo Princes" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
*18) Glen Griffith and Elizabeth (R) (H) "HarleyGuy" Events (DI, B&B)
*19) Terry Goodman and Lori (R) (H) "TGoodman" Events (ALL)
Michael Karlon and Rhonda (R) () "Purplepassion" Medical Refund Requested
*20) Jody Cady (R) (H) "Sailing" Events (DI, B&B) Observe KS only
Gene Steffen and Annette (R) () "Nose Picker" Canceled
*21) Doug Evans and Margo (R) (H) "RaticalSSR" Events (ALL)
*22) John Pierce and Debbie (R) (H) "12Pack" Events (ALL)
*23) Mike Ryan and Chris (R) (H) "MTR317" Events (ALL)
*24) Bill Cordray (R) (H) "Mr. Bill" Events (ALL)
Erik and Marge Strand (H) "Krazy Ed"
*25) Debbie Bryant and Ron (R) (H) "Purple Owl Lady" Events (ALL)
*26) Bruce (R) (H) "xoxoxoBruce" Events (ALL)
Phil Tucker and Gloria ( H) "Yellowtoy" (Sent message)
*28) Janice Immekus and Mike (R) (H) "Legallyblonde 0626" Events (ALL)
29) Paul Beck and Rae (R) ( ) "GM MAN" Events (DI, B&B)
*30) Phil Cochran (R) (H) "06 Blue SSR" Events (CM,B&B,KS) Waiting on Event Payment
*31) Carl Griffin (R) (H) "BlueSSR06" Events (DI, B&B)
32) Anne Jameson (H) (Sent Message)
33) Ed Moffitt and Diahan (R) (H) N/A Events (ALL)
Cyndy O'Neil (H)
*34) Jim Perry and Lois (R) (H) "SSReplay" Events (ALL)
*35) Paul Christie and Nancy (R) (H) "Michigander" Events (DI,B&B,KS)
36) Joseph Ventura (H) (Sent Message)
37) Dick and Kathy Bellville (R) (H) "Dictator" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
*38) Robert Wright and Melinda (R) (H) "BlastFromPast" Events (CM,DI,B&B)
*39) Jack Pruitt (R) (H) "Jackatg450" Events (CM,DI, KS)
*40) Don Hobson and Kathy (R) (H)"ZAINO SSR"
Events (DI, B&B, KS)
*41) Raymon Hunt and Sylvia (R) ( ) "Raymon Hunt"
Ken Adney and Rosie (R) (H) "WyoSilver"
Medical Refund Requested
*42) Jim Post and Carol (R) (H) "GoldBowTie" Events (ALL)
*43) Dan Rowland and Phyllis (R) (H) "AUTODAN" Events (CM,DI,B&B)
*44) Steve Oberther and Joanne (R) (H) "Purple Haze 04" Events (ALL)
*45) Chuck Phillips and Tina (R) (H) "chuckwagon" Events (ALL)
*46) Larry Jones and Sue (R) (H) "HOT-SSR" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
*47) Dave Moore and Pat (R) (H) "2005 Truxrus" Events (ALL)
*48) Alan Busch and Diana (R) (H) "[email protected]" Events (ALL)
*49) Jim Todd and Audrey (R) (H) "JT Denver"
*50) Paul VanDenburgh (R) (H) "SuperChargeYellow"
Events (CM,DI,KS)
51) Dane Holley and Lisa (R) ( ) "oldxr "
*52) Dean Stiles and Beverly (R) (H) "Stiles Sport Roadster"
Events (ALL)
*53) Zane Coombs and Judye (R) (H) "ZsSSR" Events (ALL)
*54) Larry Curbello and Susie (R) (H) "Curbssr" Events (ALL)
*55) Fred Human and Debbie (R) (H) "rockytop" Events (DI,B&B,KS)
*56) Mike Moro and Debbie (R) (H) "Mike in AZ" Events (ALL)
*57) Bob Derenski (R) (H) "Elwood" and "3 Yellow" Events (ALL)
58) Wayne Stocker and Rosa (R) ( ) "CincySSR" (DI, B&B, KS)
*59) Frank Brightwell and Margaret (R) (H) "Dinerman" Events (DI,B&B,KS)
*60) Ken Feicht (R) (H) "Duke54" Events (ALL)
*61) Sherry Wardlaw (R)() "yellowbaby"
Cary Palmer and Jeri (H) "LKMURKY" Medical Cancellation
*62) Bruce Cotney (R) (H) "SSR4US" Events (B&B, KS)
*63) Jeff Jones and Patti (R) (H) "Railroad Guy" (Form?) Events (ALL)
*64) Richard Reints and Deb (R) (H) "SSRDSTR II" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
*65) Terry Blount and Marshes (R) (H) "Tbonz" Events (ALL)
*66) Angelo Bascio and Bonnie (R) (H) "Pa Hot SSR" Events (DI,KS)
*67) Tom Beaudreau and Linda (R) (H) "Sweet Tomato" Events (ALL)
*68) John Olson and Helen (R) (H) "JR" Events (ALL)
*69) Robert Frey and Doris (R) (H) "SWTRYD" Events (ALL)
*70) Parker Floyd and Kay (R) (H) "Dimplz"
*71) Gary Sachs and Kar (R) (H) "Gar" Events (CM, DI, B&B) Observe KS only
*72) Ken Danner and Janice (R) (H) "Kenminnesota" Events (ALL)
*73) Ralph Shideler and Ruth (R) (H) "Quest" Events (CM, DI, KS)
*74) Mike Runyans and Melinda (R) (H) "BlueMnM" Events (ALL)
*75) Bob Schendel and Cindy (R) ( ) "Bob 05 SSR" Events (ALL)
*76) Van Vieregge and Lora (R) (H) " Dr. V" Events (DI,B&B,KS)
*77) Gregg Green and Jo (R) (H) "GGJOSSR" Events (ALL)
*78) Lance White and Debbie (R) () " PokerGuy" Events (DI,B&B,KS)
*79) Richard Seay and Cheslynn (R) (H)"Speedoo"
*80) Jim Toms and Margie (R) (H) "jetgg04SSR"
*81) Robert Reisdorf (R) (H) "Giggy up Go"
*82) Mike Cowett and Nancy (R) (H) "mjcowett" Event (ALL)
*83) Tom Sorensen and Nickie (R) (H) "Soren703" Events (ALL)
*84) Steven Kadlacek and Diane (R) (H) "Steven K" Events (DI, B&B)
85) Diana Baggs (H) "AuntDi And I "
86) William Smith (H) (Left Message)
87) Larry Cameron and Jami (R) (H) "HUAW" Events (ALL)
88) John Lambert (H)
*89) Kenny Thomas (R) (H) "SSR 051"
*90) Judi Barr (R) (H) "Littlewing"
91) Al Eyster and Sandra (R) (H) "Texas Roadrunner"
Events (CM, DI, B&B)
*92) Jeff Crocker and Debbie (R) (H) "CrocksSSR"
Events (ALL)
*93) Alex Romo and Tina (R) (H) " CruDawg"
Events (DI, B&B, KS)
94) Robert Battigaglia and Linda (H) "Bat"
*95) Dale Hannah and Elizabeth (R) (H) "pikeville904"
*96) Joseph and Co-pilot (R) Waiting on Form
*97) Larry Tallon (R) (H) "Yellow Appeal"
Events (ALL)
*98) Robert Seay (R) (H) "Taxi Driver" Events (ALL)
*99) Lester Fontenot and Liz (R) (H) "True Blue" Events (ALL)
*100) Bill Tedford and Helen (R) (H) "Toes"
*101) Ed McNeal and Maddie (R) "Purple Penelope"
Events (ALL)
*102) Gary and Beth (R) () "river_rat" Events (ALL)
*103) James Oliver (R) (H) "J Oliver"
*104) Rudy Kotor and Liz (R) (H) "CARBUFF"
Events (ALL)
*105) Bill Barnett and Lisa (R) "Yellow Flame"
*106) Boyd McCurry and Grace (R) (H) "Boydster"
Events (CM,DI,B&B)
107) Terrance Gulmire (H) (Left Message)
108) Michael Hanschmann (H)
109) Charles Magaw (R) (H) "6.0 TOGO" Events (ALL)
110) Surprise Attendance (R) (H) "?" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
111) Mark Mitchell and Marie (R) (H) "Autoprof" Events (ALL)
112) Virginia Wolhart (H)
*113) Marvin Schuiling and Judy (R) (H) "Down Shifter" Events (ALL)
*114) Cy Siscoe and Patti (R) (H) "Siscoe Kid" Events (ALL)
*115) Jarod Sutterfield and Lori (R) ( ) "Firetruck" Event (ALL)
116) Ed Borland and Marianne (R) (H) "ED in FL" Events (B&B)
117) Greg Jones (H)
118) Patrick Lawless (R) (H) "Pat and Cherie"
*119) Alford Pileggi and Sonya (R) (H) "sendit2al"
Events (ALL)
*120) Layne Schultetus and Chris (R) "Layne12gun"
*121) Steve Bell and Sandra (R) "Bell13"
Events (ALL)
*122) Bob Reeves and Janine (R) "03TXBOB" Events (ALL)
*123) Willis Faust and Tommie (R) "Willis"
*124) Gene Perham and Gina (R) "Geno OKC"
125) Roland Smith and Pam (R) ( ) "TeamSmith" Events (ALL)
126) Pete Spatara (R) ( ) "SSR Father" Events (DI, B&B)
127) David Brooks and Joyce (R) ( ) "KAMMAN" Events (ALL)
128) Tim Sheets and Nancy (R) ( ) "TRay" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
129) Bob Bourque (R) ( ) "Book" Events (ALL)
130) Mike Garner and Deborah (R) "Lite Show" Events (DI, B&B KS)
131) James Sneed and Vernita (R) ( ) "Palomino" Events (CM, B&B, KS)
132) Mark Ries and Laura (R) "Fun2Run" Events (ALL)
133) Lloyd Swanson and Mark (R) ( ) "Trike Rider" and "Trike Rider II"
134) Carl Cook and Judy (R) ( ) "Cool Blue"
Events (DI, B&B)
135) James Rucker and Charlotte (R) ( ) Events (CC, DI, B&B)
136) Kevin Akin and Virginia (R) ( ) "Lonebone" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
137) Jay Jordon and Michele (R) ( ) "Jaybird 11" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
138) Rick Hoffman and Susie (R) (L) "kcirnamffoh"
Events (DI, KS)
139) Norman Wesley (R) ( ) "Ultra Street" Events (CM, DI, KS)
140) Randy Deffenbaugh and Robin (R) ( ) "Rantheman01" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
141) Chris Friend and Susan (R) ( ) "CPFriend" Events (DI, KS)
142) Roy Shelburne (R) ( ) "2thdoc" Events (ALL)
143) Jeff Altemus (R) ( ) "Wannabe" Events (CM, DI, KS)
144) Ronald Kaul and Sally (R) ( ) "Monkey Islander" Events (DI)
145) Richard Laudone and Merrillee (R) ( ) "RAL 04#5907" Events (CM, DI, B&B)
146) Terry McFarlin (R) (H) "TLM" Events (ALL)
147) Glenn Curry and Debbie (R) (H) N/A Events (DI, B&B)
148) Alan Stein and Melanie (R) ( ) "Crane Trainer" Events (DI, B&B, KS)
149) Bill Vodak and Maura (R) ( ) "Wild Billy V" Events (ALL)
150) Bob Feldhaus and Sherri (R) "OhioBob" Events (B&B, KS)
151) Marc Carpenter (R) (H) "Marc in NY" Events (B&B)
152) Doug McKown and Anne (R) "DNA" Events (ALL)
153) Aaron Cobb and Valerie (R) ( ) "ShowDad4" Events (B&B)
154) Sheri Donahue and Johi (R) ( ) "Sheri" Events (B&B)
155) Keith Rodden and Lockey (R) ( ) "Kneddor"
156) Wayne East and Theresa (R) ( ) "Waynes World" (DI, B&B)
157) Steve McClain and Janice (R) ( ) "Lemonator" (B&B)
158) Jim Rodgers and Linda (R) ( ) "run faster" Events (DI, B&B)
159) Tim Nelson and Leslie (R) ( ) Events (ALL)
160) William Twehaus and Kelly (R) ( ) "Cold Gin 74" Need additional $80
161) Martin Brown and Becky (R) ( ) " Tweety Bird" Events ( B&B, KS)
The * beside the number signifies the first 100 paid registrations that will be entered into a drawing for the SSR LED sign donated by Firetruck! Good Luck!
Refunds will be removed from the 100 and the next in line will be added.

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We are all set with our agenda and the Ohio Chapter is moving full steam ahead!
Listed below is a "Fillable" PDF file that has all the activities scheduled listed on one form. We are hoping this will be more convenient then sending out multiple forms with individual payments. Of course, we hope you'll choose to participate with the rest of the Fanatic family on all activities through out this amazing week but you are not required to. There is much to see and do in the Greater Cincinnati Area but we only have so many days to pull this off. We certainly have tried to have a little something for everyone. If you have any questions at all feel free to send me a "conversation" or the email address is on the bottom of the form. I'll insure that I get back with you right away!

Like our registration, our deadline is August 1st to get accurate numbers to finalize these activities. Especially for the B&B "Belle of Cincinnati" Dinner Cruise because it is a chartered event and we may get the entire boat to ourselves if we have the numbers by August 1st. This doesn't mean we won't have a grace period but it makes our jobs harder with last minute additions. Things in Ohio are going well and we have great confidence that we will have no issues as this Pandemic is winding down. ;)
"Lets Have Fun In 21!' :)


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International Shirt and Hat Information:
The following pictures describe the men's and women's polo shirts.
I have also taken a picture of what the Cincinnati Logo will look like on the upper left chest. For those of you who attended the Maggie Valley or Deadwood Rally, I was wearing that shirt. All shirts will be Ash Grey for men and a slightly darker Oxford Grey for the women.
The embroidery will be in the color you select to match your truck.
Both Men and Women's shirts will be $25. For those who are unable to attend the Rally you can have a shirt shipped to your location for an additional $10.

A fillable PDF form is listed below the pictures for ordering!!!
Ordering deadline is August 1st, 2021 ;)

Mens Polo.jpg
Womens Polo.jpg

Embroidered Polo Shirt.jpg

The hats have a structured form and are mesh in the back for those hot summer days!
Again all hats will be this Ash Grey and the SSR silhouette will be the color of your choice.
Hats will be $20.00 but will not be shipped if not able to attend.
Pacific Blue is not shown but will be available due to limited images on a single post.

Redline Red
Red Hat.jpg

Ricochet Silver
Silver Hat.jpg

Ultra Violet
UV Hat.jpg

Slingshot Yellow
Yellow Hat.jpg

Aqua Blur will be a darker Jade than this.
Aqua Blur Hat.jpg

Asphalt Black
Black Hat.jpg


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save for future use

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Save for future use...

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PokerGuy is making a change for me on the form. Until I can get it switched, please note that you can email the form to the same address as the PayPal address.
[email protected] ;)
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