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The story behind the photo:

In 2013 I purchased a black 2004 SSR with 174,000 miles on the odometer. It was one of two black SSRs owned by a flooring contractor in New Hampshire. I was told that both SSRs were used as calling cards when their salespeople traveled to show samples and provide estimates for jobs, so it was not surprising that there were so many miles on them from year-round use.

The truck I bought needed some work and cleanup but it was obvious that it had been pretty well-maintained. It ran very well and needed no major mechanical work. Gas mileage was good at 23 mpg highway. The lower front ball joints had been replaced (they had grease fittings, too), the tires and brakes were good and the windshield was new. The roof had a minor glitch in operation that took a long time to diagnose but required no parts to repair- a Tech 2 scanner was indispensable during that effort. The paint was good at ten feet, with road rash on the nose and rear fenders and there were some acid rain spots on the bed cover. All the interior upholstery and trim was good with no broken plastic parts. All instruments, lights, motors and switches except the driver side seat heater worked. There was no significant rust on the underside. The only parts that were essentially consumed by rust were the sheet metal backing plates for the rear brake rotors.

I drove the SSR for several months and took the odometer photo at 175,000 miles one afternoon on my way home from work. I later sold it (at 177,000 miles) to make way for another project. But my main takeaway was that for a truck that saw commercial, year-round use in the Northeast, it held up remarkably well, a tribute to the build quality. After owning it I learned that while there certainly are many things to consider and inspect when buying a high-mileage SSR, I would consider buying another with high miles if it also had been treated as well as this one had been.

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