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Bought the TOY Sept 27th 2015 (my birthday) with 20,000 miles on it from a dealership in Dothan, Alabama. It was the owners wife's truck. Was really neglected as far as appearance. I am the 3rd owner. Now with 92,000 miles means we have enjoyed 72,000 miles. 5 pictures cannot show the PERMAGRIN miles. Been to 22 states some numerous times. 1st picture on part of the original brick Rt 66 near Springfield, Ill. 2nd picture in front of "The Sac of Suds" from the movie "My Cousin Vinny" filmed in Monticello, Ga.. #3 Gulf Shores, Alabama . #4 Devil's Tower,, #5 The Needles, South Dakota. #6 The eternal light in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. #7 Driving through a cattle drive in Wyoming #8 Moab in Utah.#9 The most embarrassing, being rescued by a pack blue halfway up/down Pike's Peak. Hope these didn't bore you. I could post 1000's of PERMAGRINS.
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