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Mrs. Stano (Georgia) and I adopted our 2005 Ricochet Silver Automatic SSR, from Fanatic, Spyder, in July 2020. It was our 50th Wedding Anniversary (December 19, 1970) present to each other. The pics are from the day we brought him home.
We had planned a 3-week rented convertible road trip down Hwy 1, topped of with a visit with our daughter in Los Angeles. But, like a lot of things then, Covid killed that fun time. So, we decided to use the trip dollars on something that would make us happy. We decided that would be a really nice 2005 SSR. After a bit of a search, we found him waiting for is just a short distance away in Arlington, Tx. He is the one good thing that came from the mess of Covid.
Georgia and I met the weekend that the first men walked on the moon. It was a magical time. To commemorate that momentous weekend, we gave our beautiful new to us Super Sport Roadster the nameā€¦ BUZZ. He is named after the original moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. Besidesā€¦he just looked like a BUZZ.
The look on our faces in the pics is the look of pure joy. We love BUZZ, and look forward to making that Hwy 1 trip in the coolest convertible available. Thanks Fanatics!
ā€¦StanošŸ¤  & Gigi
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