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Hello to all my SSR fanatic family.
Its been a while so here is the scoop...
Been traveling all over Southern California, Arizona and all over Nevada..
ONLY SEEN 2 OTHER SSR'S on the road so far.outside of a friend who has a
business right across the street from me..He took in his Avalanche to the dealership and came out with a new 2004 silver SSR(Congrats Leonard!!)
On July 26 I had to part with my baby as the cooling Fan died..Got
replaced and at the same time I also had a problem with the top wanting
to come down when you pressed the passenger door window. A new module was replaced between the two seats. Took her home.... few days later it happened again.
Took her back to the dealership on August 3 and the center console was checked for pinched or smashed wires and also the circuits were checked. Still couldnt find the cause so an entire new switch control assembly was ordered and replaced. Nearly had withdrawal symptoms..LOL.
So now she is ready to go on the road again with only 8671 miles to the end of warranty.
Your ladyinred, Lizz :angel

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WOW... that is sure is a lot of crusin there.... :) Sounds like you have the most miles on your sweet SSR than anyone else on here. If you plan on keeping it a long time... you just might want to take out some extra GM extended warranty.

Have fun the rest of the summer!

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Hi Lady,

I had a Fan issue too, but it was only a blown fuse.

Do you have gauges?

Just checking to see if it is a future wiring harness trouble.

Happy Cruising :)

RickSSR :cool
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