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2204 vs 2005

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another stupid newbie question
besides the 90 extra hp and manual transmission any other major differances between the 2 does the 2004 with the 5.3 give off that loud rumble v8 muscle car sound or am I better off with a 2005
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2005 Info

HI Brn 2 lose,

Helpful hint: You can also try out the search feature above where you can find other threads dealing with other facts and info too. :) Here is one post that Troy Roberts posted awhile back on the 2005 SSRs news release and photos! Hope this helps you...

2005 Press Release:
04 vs 05

You also get the beefier differential. You don't get the traction control (always thought that was my right foot..) and you get the better door panels that allow you to reach the seat controls.
Other that that it pretty much an individuals choice. I hate automatic transmissions since they always seem to be in the wrong gear so if they didn't make the 6 speed I doubt I would be driving an SSR.
I'm sure there are as many opinions as there are members on this site.

Go get the one you want for your own reasons. You'll never look back and regret it. :seeya
It's your personal choice and value for your dollar. Some just have to get the newest, regardless of price or differences. Others wait for a few years just to get a break on the price. I just bought my 04 SSR just a few weeks ago and love it. Great exhaust sound and the performance seems fine given the weight of the truck. It is after all a sport truck, not a Vette or other pure performance car. I have an 03 BMW M5 and an 03 Ford Cobra Mustang that I bought for the pure performance. The SSR is mainly for how it has always just looked appealing to me and nothing is cooler than the power "hard" top convertible. I had an 00 Vette convertible and I actually think I'm going to enjoy the SSR more, certainly just as much.

I feel fortunate I got a fantastic deal, better than any other new vehicle I have ever purchased. For me saving $15,000 over an 05 made it an easy choice. I have 2 other manual gearboxes so having an automatic for my daily driver doesn't bother me, especially with a plug in tuner that firms up the shifts. If I find out I really need the extra HP I can always spend $2,000 to $6,000 and add NOS or a supercharger/turbo and blow any 05 away.

Go drive both & check out the differences (the new 05 Aqua Blue color is very neat) and THEN buy what you really want. I assume you can probably afford either year or you wouldn't be looking at all so get what will make you the most happy AND enjoy.

Good luck!
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