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(*NOTE - This release supercedes "Chevy SSR Signature Series Announced" dated 12/4/02.)

Detroit - The first 25 saleable Chevy SSRs (Super Sport Roadsters) will be used in a unique marketing launch program that will create one-of-a kind "pedigrees" for each vehicle. Both the vehicles and the program carry the name "Signature Series."

Production of the SSR Signature Series began in December 2002 and will continue through May 2003. They will be used in a wide variety of high-profile activities around the country throughout the 2003 calendar year. Many will be part of themed events created specifically around the SSR. During their use, representatives of Chevrolet will collect memorabilia, photographs, autographs, news coverage and other keepsakes that will document use of the vehicle. These collectibles will help create a history specific to each Signature Series SSR, and will be placed in a special scrapbook and custom-designed metal "pedigree" box that will be provided with the vehicle when it is ultimately purchased.

"The SSR is a very unique vehicle and development of this Signature Series program is a creative way for us to introduce this exciting new Chevy product to as many people as possible," said Janet Eckhoff, marketing director for Chevy's mid-size trucks. "Each Signature Series SSR will have a history - a pedigree - that could never be duplicated."

Signaling the start of SSR saleable production, the Signature Series vehicles carry vehicle identification numbers (VINs) ending with numerals 000001 through 000025. Auto collectors and enthusiasts often consider vehicles with low VINs the most desirable.

Unique Content
All 25 of the Chevy SSR Signature Series vehicles will initially be produced identical in appearance and content. In addition, they will feature content that will not be available on any other '03 model year SSR:

Ultra Violet paint.

A Signature Series badge on the "waterfall" interior panel between the bucket seat uppers. Each chromed badge will be numbered and "signed" by at least two GM or supplier team members directly associated with the SSR program

Silver stitching on the black leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats

Addition of the SSR logo on the vehicle's VIN plate

Signature Series badging on the tailgate

Body-color engine cover with silver insert and billet aluminum strips

Body-color auxiliary gauge package located on the floor console

Floor mats which include the SSR logo

Cargo compartment trim with wood strips, lights and drop-down storage.
The SSR Signature Series program will consist of 11 themed pedigrees.

The following list matches the vehicles by VIN to the specific theme and "signature" names, and provides a brief description of each pedigree. Specific details for some have yet to be finalized and will be announced at a later date.

VIN # and Pedigree Theme

General Motors -
#1 (Rick Wagoner - GM President & CEO; becomes Chairman & CEO on May 1, 2003;
Bob Lutz - GM Vice Chairman & Product Development Chairman for North America;
Gary Cowger - President of GM North America; Wayne Cherry - Vice President of GM Design)

The only Signature Series model to carry four names on its 'waterfall' badge, this vehicle will be retained by GM as part of its historic collection.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Foundation -
#2 (Rick Wagoner - GM President & CEO, becomes Chairman & CEO on May 1, 2003; Bob Lutz - GM Vice Chairman & Product Development Chairman for North America; Gary Cowger - President of GM North America; Wayne Cherry - Vice President of GM Design; David Treadwell - Director, ASC Inc.)

The only Signature Series vehicle that carries five signatures. Donated by GM, the SAE Foundation will auction this SSR on eBay during April 25-May 4 to raise funds for the Heinz C. Precther Scholarship of Automotive Excellence. The Chevy SSR, with its retractable roof, was one of the last vehicle programs the late Precther was involved with at ASC Incorporated, the specialty vehicle and systems company he founded.

"Chevy Racing" -
#3 (Tom Wallace - Vehicle Line Executive, GM Mid-Size Trucks; Kurt Ritter - former Chevrolet General Manager)

#4 (John Middlebrook - GM Vice President for Vehicle Sales & Marketing; Mark Reuss - Executive Director of Operations for GM Engineering & Special Vehicles)

Select Chevy-affiliated race drivers, team owners and race sanctioning body officials representing NASCAR, the Indy Racing League (IRL) and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) will be the first to take an SSR for a brisk lap driving around some of America's great race tracks. These vehicles will also show up at a variety of public appearance, including driver autograph sessions and in pre-race parades. Potential scrapbook items may include driving gloves, autographed race programs and photographs taken during these special events.

VIN #4 will as serve as the back-up Pace Vehicle for the 2003 Indianapolis 500 on May 25.

"Stars Car" -
#5 (Wayne Cherry - Vice President of GM Design; Tom Kowaleski - Executive Director of GM Product Communications)

Chances are if someone catches sight of Hollywood star arriving at a movie premier, see a music award nominee getting set for the big night, or pull up next to a well-known athlete in a Signature Series SSR, this will be the exact vehicle they'll have had at their disposal.

"Street Art" -
#6 Northeast Region
(Ed Welburn - Executive Director of GM Design, Body-on-Frame Vehicles; Mark Trostle - President of Creative Services, ASC Inc.)
#7 South Central Region
(Ed Ivey - SSR Program Engineering Director; Dave Bjerke - SSR Program Chief Engineer, ASC Inc.)
#8 North Central Region
(Bill Davis - GM Design Engineering Executive; Harry Branca - SSR Signature Series Program Manager)
#9 Southeast Region
(Russ Clark - former Chevrolet Mid-Size Truck Marketing Director; Ted Robertson - Vice Chairman of Product Development, ASC Inc.)
#10 Western Region
(Glen Durmisevich - SSR Lead Program Designer; Doug Ungermach - SSR Lead Program Designer, ASC Inc.)

One Signature Series SSR will be dedicated exclusively to each of Chevrolet's five U.S. marketing regions. An artist selected from four cities within each region will be commissioned to create original works (i.e. watercolors, oil paintings, pen and ink, etc.) depicting the SSR against a backdrop of America - its geography, landmarks, people and culture. The artists and their finished work will appear at a variety of events within the region, with a public exhibition of all 20 pieces at a special gallery-style showing upon completion of the program.

"Music Tour" -
#11 (Bill Szkodzinski - SSR Program Manufacturing Manager; John Hrit - Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, ASC Inc.)
#13 (Satya Veerapaneni - SSR Launch Manager, Lansing Craft Centre; Darwin Foster - SSR Program Quality Manager)
#15 (Mike McGinnis - SSR Powertrain Systems Integration Engineer; Sam Winegarden - Chief Engineer & Program Manager for Small-Block Engines, GM Powertrain)

Each vehicle will spend the Summer of 2003 on tour with a specific musical artist or group when they perform at up to five outdoor concert venues around the U.S. The SSRs will be placed in highly visible locations for concertgoers to see. It's even possible that the vehicles might even be part of their on-stage performance. Memorabilia signed by the artists and photos from the venues will be obtained for the scrapbook to accompany each SSR.

"Gibson Guitar" -
#12 (Bob Walczyk - SSR Marketing & Product Manager; Mickey Sabol - SSR Program Engineering Manager)

Gibson Custom Guitars will be creating, from concept through production, a one-of-a kind SSR-inspired Gibson. This guitar will be debuted at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Nashville in July. Gibson will also secure of its artists to play the SSR guitar at the show. The pedigree will be a combination of guitar sketches and concepts, photos, autograph of the artist who plays the instrument and, of course, the guitar itself.

"Feature Car" -
#14 (Bill Lovejoy - GM Group Vive President for North America Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, retired; Bo Andersson - GM Vice President of Worldwide Purchasing, Production Control & Logistics)
#16 (Mike Knox - Chairman of UAW Local 1618, GM Lansing Craft Centre; Wayne McDonald - Plant Manager, GM Lansing Craft Centre)

Chevrolet will be working with major media properties to create opportunities to feature the SSR prominently in their publications, events or television programs in an effort to gain national media exposure. The pedigree would include materials from the creation of the feature story or event (e.g. writer notes, photos, videos, autographs, etc.)

"Rock & Roll Tour"
#17 (Brian Fredline - UAW President of Local 1618, GM Lansing Craft Centre; D. Lee Webster - Personnel Manager , GM Lansing Craft Centre)

This SSR will tour the country with the Chevrolet Rock & Roll Tour to such places as the NAMM Show (Nashville), the Woodward Dream Cruise (Detroit), and the Austin City Limits Music Fest (Austin). The pedigree will be a combination of memorabilia from each event such as artist signatures or a notable memento from cities that have helped shape music through the years.

"Hard Rock Hotel" -
#18 (Tom Davis - Group Vice President, GM Product Development, retired; Tom Stephens - Group Vice President, GM Powertrain)

Scheduled for display at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, this Signature Series SSR will capture the attention of the facility's thousands of guests and visitors as well as the many high-profile musicians who perform there. Pedigree scrapbook items will likely include autographed photos of the performers posing with the SSR and personal items they may contribute, such as drumsticks and guitar straps.

"Media Reviews" -
#19 (Jim Queen -Vice President of Engineering, GM North America; John Wiley - Engineering Director, GM Special Vehicles)
#20 (Don Abelson - Executive Director, GM Special Vehicles, retired; Mike Abelson - SSR Program Chief Engineer)
#21 (Glenn McMinn - SSR Vehicle Performance & Integration Manager; Diane Faulman - Program Purchasing Manager, GM Specialty Vehicles)
#22 (Dick Raymond - SSR Program Integration Manager, Lansing Craft Centre; Tom Wilkinson - Chevrolet Communications Director)
#23 (Tim Olson - SSR Business Planning & Accessory Manager; Glenn Pluhar - SSR Body Shop Execution Manager)
#24 (Michael Bardo - GM Product Development Technician; Kevin Dawson - SSR Body Shop Launch Manager)
#25 (Ari Kirsch - SSR Senior Financial Analyst; Gregory Thompson -SSR Manufacturing Manager)

The introduction of new vehicles always generates media interest, especially from the automotive press. SSR - already the subject of extensive coverage - and the unique Signature Series models are sure to be sought-after for drive reports and road test evaluations. This group of vehicles has been delegated to fulfilling requests by print and electronic news outlets around the country. Documentation for each vehicle's pedigree will likely include unpublished photos, author-autographed copies of their publication featuring the SSR they used, and audio or videotapes from their broadcasts.

Vehicles to be auctioned
Ultimately, all of the Signature Series SSRs (with the exception of VIN #1) are planned to be offered for sale through public or GM dealer auction during 2003. The scrapbook and memorabilia collected in association with the use of that particular vehicle will be included as part of the auction package, adding to authenticate the vehicle's pedigree.

Part roadster, part pickup
There is nothing else like the SSR in the market today. It's part roadster, part pickup and is a completely innovative expression of Chevy's proud heritage. A highlight of SSR's design is a unique power-operated retractable hardtop that stores vertically and out-of-sight between the passenger and rear stowage compartments.

The frame and chassis of the SSR are similar in design to Chevy's mid-size TrailBlazer family of sport utilities. All major exterior panels are of one-piece stamped steel. Under the hood is a new aluminum-block version of GM's Vortec 5300 (5.3-liter) small-block V8 that drives the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. Rounding out SSR's sporty street machine appearance are 19-inch front and 20-inch rear tires and wheels.

Regular retail production and pricing
Chevy's new SSR will have a base manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $41,995 when regular retail production and shipment to Chevrolet dealers begins in Summer 2003. Destination charge of $625 is included in the MSRP.

The Chevy SSR will be built at General Motors' Lansing (Mich.) Craft Centre. Current plans are to build approximately 14,000-15,000 units annually.

A comprehensive program of regular production options and accessories will be available for the 2003 SSR, with additional accessories being added in subsequent model years.

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Repackaged old news.... NEW NUMBERS.

This is mostly old news, but it's all packaged together in one place.

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