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Was a great success. Weather was fantastic, blue skies, temps right at 70. Route 66 Restorations did a great job, lots of participants and my Marauder bud Todd and I had to park in the overflow lot with lots of Corvettes (and a 30's Ford Stake Bed truck with an Offenhauser motor!)

Pics of Toddster's Marauder (mine was similar, so what you see on the left is what I traded for my awesome SSR) and my SSR. His Marauder got lots of attention, especially from the Ford guys (there were lots of Mustangs), the SSR got a lot of looks, too. No C6 Corvettes, so I outgunned the lot with my LS2. There was an awesome last gen Camaro with twin turbos.

Anywho, here's some pics (thanks TAF)


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