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4:56 road test

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Took the SSR to Sacramento and back. I ran a tank of gas through and with the 4:56 gears I averaged 16.8 miles per gallon. Not much of a differance. I was avg 17.5. I kept it at 70 miles per hour which is 2600 rpm. It purred all the way. No whine or extra noise. :) :) :) :seeya
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Larger Tires

Seems like back in the 60's when we all loaded up to go to Mexico we would put on the large tires to save gas. Smaller tires for the drag's on saterday night.
Gears Power and MPG

Gotta have this. Check this out Guys. :thumbs ZF 5 speed automatic transmission
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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