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My Dealer told me yesterday that they still don't have the numbers on the 05's, But said that there getting $5,000.00 over sticker. When I asked why, they told me It's because of the corvette engine. Is this true of all Dealerships, or is this one just being Greedy. Please let me know if this is the case. Thanks, CASEY.

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New 04 for $39.9k

Would seem that the market has spoken. A well equiped BRAND NEW Ultra 04, with an MSRP of $46400 was sold by Leach Chevrolet on eBay for $39,995 in the past 2-3 days. There were few bidder (2-3) and this was the Buy-It price that the buyer put in just before the auction closed. I believe that this gives us a good idea of what the real market it for our trucks is as this is the only SSr that I could see that has actually sold on eBay for a while> I could be wrong! :mad

As far as the '05's go, most dealers are willing to take a deposit for an ordered SSr and provide material discounts. Two people I know (one in the Buffalo area and another in Charlotte) have each ordered 05 SSr's in the past 10 days from dealers for $1,000 over "invoice" (i.e. the invoice GM issues to the dealer and not MSRP). They are to receive their trucks in the third or fourth week of September.
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