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No. I will stay here. Although, I see the reason why left coast people are moving there.

I like the seasons. High next week is 20 F.. I think it has killed all the insects finally. I did not have to wash the bugs off my windshield last week.
Killing off the bugs/insects with those low temps is one "plus" for living farther north. Spent over 35 yrs in Nebr. and never had roach/palmetto bug problems in the house. Living in No. Carolina, they are a constant pest that gets inside no matter how clean you may think you have it.
Drives my wife crazy, we have to have the base boards and inside paremeter sprayed a couple of times a year. You get up and very likely to see one or two (upside down) but still alive. For some reason, they lick their feet and the spray somehow upsets their orientation and they flip over half dead..........but not quite.:(
1 - 1 of 25 Posts